Before going on vacation, it is essential to be aware of the potential risks associated with the disclosure of personal information on social networks. These days, a simple message shared with enthusiasm announcing your upcoming trip can turn out to be an opportunity for burglars on the prowl. Law enforcement agencies, aware of this growing threat, are warning against the practice by pointing to a stark example that reveals the vulnerability of our digital lives.

They cite a concrete case where someone says: “I don’t have a nickname but my real identity on Facebook, so you can type my name and have my address on Google and you regularly have my running circuits on the running apps, so you’ll see the little path behind the house to get there, I know I’m really nice!”

These few lines show how easy it is for burglars to collect information about your daily life thanks to the data you share on social networks. Whether it’s your real identity, your address, your regular activities, or even details about your home, publicly available information can serve as valuable clues to those looking to commit mischief.

It is important to realize that social media is a public space where shared information may be accessible to a wide range of people. But what types of information are likely to interest burglars?

The details you share on your profile can tell them a lot more than you think. Do you have a pet, like a cat or a rabbit? Chances are someone will come and feed it while you’re away, and you may have left your keys with a trusted neighbor. If you took the train to your destination, burglars may already assume that a car is present at your home. Faced with these risks, the police insist on the importance of protecting themselves.

Don’t tempt burglars by posting your vacation dates on social media. Do not allow these potential intruders to enter your privacy by disclosing sensitive information. Caution and discretion are essential measures to keep your home safe while you are away. So how do you protect your privacy?

To maintain your safety during the holidays, it is crucial to adopt protective measures. The information shared on your profile can reveal more than you realize, giving burglars valuable details about your daily life. Here are some safety tips to follow before you leave: