The verdict fell this Thursday, June 29. Marie-Sophie Lacarrau announced in her 1 p.m. news the name of the town which won the title of the most beautiful market in France 2023. After several months of campaigning between the 200 candidates, 10 finalists were in the running to succeed the Halles de Narbonne market, winner in 2022.

At the end of this national competition organized by TF1 and regional daily newspapers, more than 9.5 million votes were recorded on the TF1 Info website. Among the voters, the Super Jury made up of journalist Anne-Claire Coudray, hosts Camille Combal and Jean-Luc Reichmann, as well as three television news viewers, deliberated on the basis of the three markets at the top of the national vote list. Below, we list the winners down to the name of the winner.

It is the town of La Réole, in the New Aquitaine region, which wins the sixth edition of the most beautiful market in France 2023. It is ahead of the Garéoult market in Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur and that of Arras in the North -Pas-de-Calais which completes the podium. The northern market was chosen as the Super Jury’s favourite.

During the 1 p.m. news, journalist and correspondent Thierry Coiffier announced the good news to the inhabitants who let their joy burst out. “I come to this market because I find very good products there and above all because it’s very friendly”, rejoices Martine, a loyal customer who likes to meet her friends there.

“Friendliness is one of the assets of this market. There is also its setting halfway along the Garonne which flows right next to it”, specifies the correspondent in the region. “And the historic center is a magnificent setting for this market which has many assets, in particular its local producers”. A place of shops and meetings that you can explore with your family all summer long.