Tennis legend Boris Becker (51) and his wife Lilly (42) of the divorce a step closer. Previously it is said to have ambiguity in the divorce applications – this point is well regulated, it said on Monday in London’s family court. The opinion of the Becker-lawyers was not initially received.

The Pair paid tribute to in the court, none of look. Boris Becker had left, Lilly Becker rather tense. In the heart of financial issues.

The judge said the media, specifically, to report on further Details. Also, it was forbidden to mention the name of the common eight-year-old child in connection with the procedure. After the hearing, Boris Becker disappeared through a back exit, his wife left the court through the main entrance.

Boris and Lilly Becker had announced last may, to have “mutually and amicably” separated. In the past few months, however, many problems were played out in public. Model Lilly Becker, who comes from the Netherlands, holds a good Comeback, in the meantime, for excluded.

The three-times Wimbledon winner, wore on Monday in a dark blue suit, a red tie and a pair of sunglasses. She appeared in the classic Outfit: a dark blue pants suit and white blouse.

Boris Becker is the father of four children. With his Ex-wife, Barbara, he has the sons of Noah (24) and Elias (19). From the so-called closet affair with Angela Ermakova in the UK, his now 18-year-old daughter, Anna, comes.

in addition to his divorce, Boris Becker has money worries. He is in the midst of insolvency proceedings in London.