The “anti-inflation quarter”, an executive initiative in the face of the current inflationary environment, will be launched from March 15. It is due to last until mid-June, and consists of the government encouraging large retailers to freeze the prices of certain items deemed essential. The “anti-inflation quarter” actually grew out of the idea of ​​an “anti-inflation basket” a few months ago: a measure that was originally intended to be implemented directly by the executive, who finally gave it up.

Several large retailers have therefore set up these famous anti-inflation baskets in their subsidiaries. In particular, the giant Super U which will make available to its customers a total of 150 products at cost price. Among them, there are fresh products such as meat or vegetables, but also hygiene products as well as crisps and certain alcohols. The choice to include the latter is also somewhat controversial, as reported by our colleagues from Pleine Vie.

Almost all the brands comply with the game, with the exception of Leclerc and Cora. Intermarché has already launched its initiative, involving a total of 30 fresh products and 470 private label products. In order to facilitate the identification of the products concerned in a homogeneous way in all the stores, the State designed a logo especially for the occasion. We can see the outlines of a shopping cart, flanked by the inscription “anti-inflation quarter” in blue-white-red colors, as you can see below.