Big dreams – Berlusconi can’t let of former Italian Prime Minister has risen with his new Club Monza in Serie B. At the green table. A rogue who thinks Evil of it.Marco Keller0 comment four times, Silvio Berlusconi was the Italian Prime Minister, but above all, he preformed as a President of the AC Milan to world format. Now he is content with the second-rate Monza.Photo: Alessandra Benedetti ()

the beginning of the week, it was finally official. The leaders of the three groups in the Italian League C1 were declared at the green table, to ascenders, because the season is not included. Cheers, so in the case of the AC Monza, one of the three promoted teams. And, in the case of the Clubs in the vicinity of the Swiss border, a legitimate verdict: 11 laps before the finish the lead was 16 points.

Or to do the climb on the green table with the name that stand behind the Association? This is, in fact, a Duo that once justified next to the lawn, the reputation of the “Grande Milan”: owner Silvio Berlusconi and CEO Adriano Galliani. For both a matter of the heart for this task: Galliani was born in Monza, Berlusconi resides in that luxurious mansion in Arcore, near Monzas, in the once legendary parties were celebrated.

“Vai e fai” – hours later, the Club was bought

The four-times Italian Prime Minister, Berlusconi purchased the Club in September 2018 rather randomly, gave Galliani now. He, Galliani, had to learn that the owners, Colombo family was in advanced negotiations with an American consortium, and this will Berlusconi be notified during the traditional Monday Lunch in Arcore casually. This then made his also present a brother, his children and some of the top managers of Fininvest, a question: “How would it be if we take Monza?” On the unanimously positive response, he said to Galliani: “Vai e fai.” That was the old Fox don’t say that twice: “On the evening of the conclusion was.”

Silvio Berlusconi (with scarf) and Adriano Galliani (right) with their new Club Monza is now the old love Milan to the visor. Photo: Antonio Calanni/Keystone

it is Understandable that these two blade feel name to a Higher calling: “We do not want to hide,” says Galliani, “we want to bring to Monza in the Serie A.” The Budget should be so high that “we join the game already in the first year of the ascension. We’re not gonna do anything Crazy, but the Necessary.” Mario Balotelli, who has just been released in the case of Brescia, would not be a issue, he said immediately. Coach Christian Brocchi, an ex-Milanista, it thank.

38 changes Monza has been starting to jump into the Elite, managed to he never. In 2021, this number should be history. “A rise in the Serie A and two games against Milan would be beautiful,” dreams of the 83-Year-old a return to the “Scala of football”. In Arcore would probably rise a big Party.

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