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resim 323

The recall procedure had created a real health scandal. Last March, several cases of contamination with the E.Coli bacterium had been reported, in young children, after the consumption of a “Fraich’up” pizza, from the Buitoni brand, sold in all the supermarkets of the Hexagon.

The brand had therefore withdrawn all the products in the range from the shelves.

More recently, Stone Oven and Bella Napoli pizzas have also been the source of several complaints.

An inspection report, published on June 15, points to the deplorable hygiene of the Caudry factory, in the North, where serious “failures” would have been at the origin of the contaminations. Rust, mold, accumulated dirt… The place would be in a deplorable state, far from industry standards. The repression of fraud would have reported the situation as early as 2012, and issued a warning no later than 202 0. Without effect.

On March 18, Nestlé, which owns Buitoni, closed two pizza production lines. The Nord prefecture for its part banned the activity of the factory by order of 1 April.

But all this mayhem around the affair will not have prevented certain supermarkets from continuing to sell their stocks. At least that’s what RMC assures, which visited two Franprix stores in the capital.

On the spot, the journalists noted that there was indeed a box of the Fraich’up range in the pizza section of the mini-market. “no problem paying: 7.45 euros for the pizza. The store manager is absent, but we were able to speak to him on the phone”, specifies the media.

The latter would have answered them: “Normally, it is prohibited for sale. I do not have enough space at the bottom, that’s why I left it there. But I deactivated the barcode and I’m going to remove the rest of the spokes right away.”

Worse still, this store would not be the only one to continue marketing the products implicated by the health scandal.

RMC confirms having found another Franprix brand, still in the heart of Paris, which also offered the famous pizzas there. And this time, the officials explain “that they are quite edible”, specifies the radio site.

Since these revelations, the chain, which belongs to the Casino group, has announced that all of its stores will be checked within 48 hours.

A distributor who fails to comply with a recall procedure risks five years in prison and a fine of up to 10% of turnover, according to the fraud prevention.