Hefty critique of Federal court – overseer Supreme Swiss judges novice throw error previous audit Commission accuses the Federal Supreme court, fundamental failures. This is evident from a confidential Letter.Thomas Knellwolf1 Kommentar1In of criticism: the Federal court’s President, Ulrich Meyer (in the middle), here at the “school trip” to the court in October 2018 in Langnau BE. The other Recorded have to do with the accusations with nothing to.Photo: Thomas Peyer

What’s going on with the justice of the Covenant? Federal Prosecutor Michael Lauber has had a long strong pressure. The Federal criminal court makes up, in parallel, through internal squabbles, the life and the Work is difficult. And now the Federal court device much in the criticism.

the highest judge of Lausanne as an overseer in the Federal criminal judges in Bellinzona for peace and order, ensure need to have. Ironically, they were presumably not correct. This holds well in turn – presumably without the word allegedly – the parliamentary control Committee (GPK). The inspectors from the National Council and Council of States accuse the Supreme judges of errors, which apply to many lawyers as a beginner’s mistake. I understand that the fight is so Criticized against the allegations.

The allegations seemed overblown

it All started with the fact that the administrative Commission of the Supreme court in the spring for the duration of the dispute at the Federal court met to a regulatory process led. 20. In April, the Commission published, under the direction of the Federal court President Ulrich Meyer for their report and rebutted the most serious accusations. Bullying, sexism, and charges of abuse, according to the Supreme judges of Lausanne in the field of administrative law colleagues do not or hardly found in Bellinzona.

For a two-Ticino inside, what had raised the apparently untenable allegations of Discrimination, the shot to the back of The one had been voted out of office as a chamber President previously by the College. To held her the report, she failed to satisfy “its obligations”.

In the case of a second Tessinerin the overseer of a termination of employment demanded. The long-standing Secretary-General had not exaggerated in her eyes, only false accusations, but lawsuits, for example due to sexism, for many years, “not artis lege” treated. The Federal criminal judge dismissed the wife recently.

Not really

Now, however, the GCC has made an investigation for the investigation. The inspectors of the Parliament have analyzed whether the control were taken from the Federal court correctly. And you have come to the conclusion that this was not the case. A preliminary report on today’s TV program “Rundschau” the heavy accusations of the GPK.

in Particular, the now dismissed Secretary-General, had the Federal court not granted the right to be heard. You and others could not defend themselves in the investigation against the accusations in your address correctly. At least not in a timely manner. After the publication of the report, this was made up, apparently, in part.

entered The General Secretary and others were probably in the erroneous opinion of the administrative Commission and of the Federal court, it was only a matter of them is allegations such as bullying and sexism. They could hardly have guessed that would turn the tide against you. The Federal Supreme court, the President of Meyer and his colleagues, but appeared to be exaggerated, many of their allegations, or even wrong. However, they also noted that individual Federal judges met to subordinates “in style and Tone” out of print, and “the cultural characteristics of the Ticino inside and Ticino are not always in a sufficient way” would have taken into account. The consequences still remained, to a large extent.

The report of the GPK is not (yet) published. The Federal court now has the opportunity to take the accusations to his address position. Peace will not come in the justice of the Federal as soon.

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