Following the departure of Tommy Hilfiger – The Swiss, the Hugo back to the Boss, Daniel Grieder, until recently, was CEO of Tommy Hilfiger to make and has rehabilitated the fashion brand. He could now be for Hugo Boss to be the Savior.Caspar Busse1 Kommentar1Kündete last week, his departure at Tommy Hilfiger to: The Swiss Manager Daniel Grieder. Photo: Brad Barket/ for Tommy Hilfiger

The Swiss Daniel Grieder, 58, had it well so far in Amsterdam. The office in which he worked, is surprisingly large: a Desk, a large Seating area with Sofas, a long conference table with a video system. The view goes far to the water. The Headquarters of the world brand Tommy Hilfiger is a modern glass building at the former wood port of Amsterdam, there are cafes, Lounges with comfortable armchairs, Billiards and table tennis, a gym, a huge bike Parking.

Since 2014, Grieder, CEO of Tommy Hilfiger was – until he announced in the last week, with immediate effect, all of a sudden, and even for insiders by surprise. “There is never the perfect Moment to leave an organization you love,” said Grieder, “either you’re going to be late or early.” Now is the right Moment, but he had the optimism, the energy and the passion to do something New.

Shortly afterwards, the battered Swabian fashion company, Hugo Boss confirmed the fact of negotiations with Grieder. Still nothing was decided, it was said. But it is possible that Grieder will soon be Chairman of the Board of Boss, incumbent Mark Long will be at the latest by the end of September.

“Daniel was the Messiah, proclaiming his message everywhere in the company. At the end, all went with them.”

Tommy Hilfiger Daniel Grieder

Grieder, slicked-back hair, usually sports a jacket, tie, and dark Jeans dressed up, could be quite a good choice for Germany’s biggest fashion company. The stock market reacted late last week to the possible vocation with a significant price increase. Grieder has been in the fashion industry, a good reputation, is well-connected. And he has shown in the case of Tommy Hilfiger, how to make a crisis brand a success story.

The company, which was founded in 1985 by Designer Tommy Hilfiger, was in serious problems. Grieder refurbished, rebuilt and relocated the Headquarters from the USA to Amsterdam. Recently, sales of the brand of Hilfiger, and Heusen along with brands such as Calvin Klein and Speedo to the Phillips-Van Corporation is increased, the clientele was younger. “Daniel was the Messiah, proclaiming his message everywhere in the company. In the end all went,” enthused recently, Tommy Hilfiger has sold his shares, but still the chief designer of the brand. A new Messiah for Hugo Boss?

Grieder lives in Zürich

Grieder comes from Schaffhausen in Switzerland, studied in Zurich and founded his first own fashion company. In 1997, he hired when Hilfiger, was 2014-in-chief. Grieder lives at the weekend in Zurich and has two children, from Monday to Friday he is in Amsterdam or worldwide on-the-go. “As long as people wear clothes, will also work in the fashion industry,” he said in the past year, and added: “You just have to understand what the Consumer wants, where and how he buys.” Sounds easy.

Complicated the problems by Hugo Boss are: The branch network is over-dimensioned, the online trading of under-represented, the collections are always. Chef Mark Long, who was previously chief financial officer, tried for 2016, to bring order to the Chaos, but fashionable Impulse were missing. In the past year, he had to reduce twice the forecast. 2020, the Corona-crisis came, it made losses.

Grieder has a clear opinion: The days of Mega-stores over areas with huge sales, the customer wanted to be inspired and not with a mass impressed. The fashion companies need to be faster and digital, to deliver immediately. “Boss has a very different culture than Hilfiger”, warn experts. Grieder will have a hard time in the suit company. But first, you have to be now in agreement.

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