beggars occasionally come on the idea to compensate for the requested a small service gifts it had to offer, whether it is to impose. The most famous and at the same time, most harmless example of this is the public Music-making in pedestrian zones, with no limited target audience, so will not exclude anyone, and this will not strenuous, if the audience grows. Here, no one will have to feel the guilt of the musician that goes just over. And even those who stand still to short to listen to, is still free to thank me with some coins or it. In other cases, for which the Shoe shiners of the past provides the vision, supports the passers-by, personally, and for a fee, but of course only if you want it explicitly. In both cases, you will doubt, whether it is at all begging.

the Unique and at the same time, more difficult the Situation is, if the beggars are based on the presumed Wishes of the individual client and to meet them to begin before they were notified. So the drivers have to be caught in a traffic jam and the fact that the discs are cleaned, whether he likes it or not. His self-proclaimed benefactors of the poor man can’t escape. Something better is already the full package, load it as the output zustrebende buying house customer, when he sees a beggar is to him, in one Hand the alms-bag, and with the other the door. He can Dodge the impending forced marriages are still taking a different exit.

this type of “courteous” beggar the New York sociologist Mary Patrick has just published a small study that speaks to an overly simple view of communication. According to this view, social situations require that the parties Involved are aware of the meaning and purpose of the meeting, more or less in agreement. That sounds plausible, and is true for cases like the Shoe Shiner and his customers. But there are also counter-examples, in which the will to live together just by unnoticed divergences in the interpretation of the Situation easier.

you asked once, first of all, the superiors of a company and then their subordinates, what is the share of the command of your daily communications. The supervisor said, often to command, but the subordinates were sure to be almost always friendly asked. The waiver of the common situation definition, it allowed each side to choose your most flattering interpretation. In the survey of beggars and their audience, the sociologist has found some evidence for both: disagreements that disrupt, and those that do not.


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For the courteous beggar itself so here’s the deal: you see, in their service, skill and willingness to help is a kind of Equivalent for the requested donation, the redeemed you from unabtragbaren thanks to obligations, an effective protection against the accusation of Parasitentums promises, and in any case, the public self-humiliation to the donors how the Objectors to be reduced. Some of them even go so far as to pull out of the offer of a counter-performance, actually you are professional business people, who lived out of the earnings of their work, and therefore feel the passive beggars. That it is unsolicited services falls under the table.

For many passers-by just this point is important. For you the Key is not in the consideration, but in the loss of situation control. In the service, crowded, you see only a technology to enforce debt and bad Conscience, the course is actually a role reversal of beggars and citizens. The beggars wanted Situation is interpreted by your prospective customers so very different – and not just often. One of the beggars was also of the opinion that he would receive without violating gifts certainly more donations.