It is a project that would bring the residents a lot of benefits and a contribution to counter the threat of traffic gridlock in the Rhine-Main region: the regional tangent West (RTW). One of the greatest beneficiaries of this direct connection to the Frankfurt airport, in particular, the economy strong town of Eschborn. In their thriving commercial areas to the same three stations. What this will mean for the economy, the centre of the Main-Taunus-circle, not in dollars and cents to quantify. It is clear that The benefits would be enormous.

From the Eschborner policy, however, the RTW project, regardless of the commuters, which are discussed every morning by the traffic jam on the highway 66 to torment, especially with a tunnel view to the railway boundary. There leadership is threatening to target path, in fact, a large consumption of the most fertile arable soils. With the RTW management mayor Mathias Geiger (FDP), also in the duration of the clinch, since the desired building design for the new access to the motorway at the düsseldorf street, not with the regional RTW to bring planning in line is.

Regional essential project

even Though this conflict seems to be resolved, decorate the Eschborner more, the much-needed financial injection for the RTW company be approved, and block a regional essential project from a purely local calculation.

The wrath of the rest of the 14 municipal RTW shareholders on the railway Blockade is understandable, because, especially in those traditionally strong Eschborner farm lobby, which complains about the loss of floors, made with no less valuable Farmland in the settlement of wholesale markets and the designation of industrial areas a large business.