On the first working day of the new year, the city comes in the Bavarian upper Palatinate. Outside it is cold and grey, the sun is trying to enforce. The waiting hall of the small town railway station is well visited, people go to work, meet in cafes in the pretty old town. A couple of tourists take photos at the market place. Everything seems to be as always – but the day is overshadowed by the incidents from the weekend: Four drunk young people had attacked on Saturday night at the Amberg train station and the old town are arbitrary passers-by. New findings are not yet available.

The accused, according to the police, asylum seekers from Afghanistan and Iran. Twelve people between the ages of 16 to 42 years, were injured, most lightly. A 17-had to Years stationary due to a head injury to the hospital. The whole of Germany is talking about the incidents, Federal interior Minister Horst Seehofer (CSU) renewed his call for stricter Deportation. Journalists romp on Wednesday in the small picturesque city.

The incidents from the weekend as a shock to many Locals. “We are small and sleepy, I thought so far,” says a 33-year-old Ambergerin. A beating like that attack didn’t take you here. Usually something happens so “far”, says another resident, “now, right here at the station, that’s crazy.”

Amberger disagree

“So what does not remain without effect,” says mayor Michael Cerny (CSU), but was also “perfectly normal”. He noticed, “that one or the other Amberger ask yourself: “do I Feel as safe now?”. The opinions of the Amberger on this day. While some are very insecure, others get angry and resent the fact that the deeds would be exploited by right-wing groups.