Zalando has in the third quarter, with a record number of customers are drawn to it. For the first time, it was in the shop at one quarter of the 1 billion visits via computer or smart phone. The total number of active clients increased to about 29.5 million, an increase of 17.5 per cent. In accordance with Zalando to show in the numbers, that more and more customers to the store to go to, “as they are in the mode of thinking”.

The German modewebwinkel, which is also present in Belgium, it was that, more customers and a visit to extra sales. That was out of 1.5 billion euros in the same period of the previous year, 1.2 billion euro was made.

The adjusted operating profit was 6.3 million euros. Last year in the same period of time, a loss of 38.9 million euros. Below the line was Zalando, however, was a loss of € 13.6 million.

More about Zalando’s E-commerce package for victims in the street: a 10,000 stores less and less over the last 10 years, for example, wants Zalando your help to get the right size, to find the Zalando experiments in Berlin, and a secondhand shop, Always shipping, always to return… and yet the world’s fastest-growing webshop in the country