you May recall that it is not ordered to a few instances in the life of the man at the end of this year, better than at the beginning? Cars, for example, in the course of the exhaust gas scandal. And with the demise of the tie, this year also progress, threatens to topple another Bastion of masculinity.

Jennifer Wiebking

editor in the Department “life,” the Frankfurt General Sunday newspaper.

F. A. Z.

The tie might be even deeper. Even the men, working on a two-hour train journey from business meeting to home on the phone with League-results, bear in any case, often no tie. What is the recreational value, if you show up to work so, as it lands on the Couch of the buddies to watch Football? What then separates serious Desk work and a time to daddelt unconditionally on the Smartphone? Clearly, there is still the jacket, but the name of the fast-casual jacket.

The solution could be: a handkerchief. That makes what, and yet it is not so trying as a tie. It can be simple, such as the model of Hackett in dark blue (mid) with narrow Paisley border, or so wildly patterned, that must make it his own image. When the time of the tie is gradually, then a new pattern emerges with the towels. On the model of Olympus (first from right, blue-and-white) could be everything and nothing: book back? Cigarette butts?

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The power of abstraction, the tie is a nice theme, white Jörg Broska to use on his Handkerchiefs, and even if this Broska model (fourth from the left, blue-red) is a floral. The cloths of Boss (first from left, in purple) and Hermès (third from left, in red) have to look at the mind in more detail. With a little imagination, you’ll find: Red! And White! Bayern Munich Colors. Okay, but only then.