What’s next? – Many Olympic issues are not yet resolved a cancellation of the games of Tokyo is not the most unlikely scenario. And slowly, the winter games back in Beijing in 2022 in the focus. Thomas Hahn, Thomas Kistner0 comments concerning the rhyme of October it will be decided whether or not in Tokyo at all games to take place.Photo: Reuters

A light at the end of the tunnel. A beacon of hope, the will gather the world. So the sound is still a couple of weeks ago, when the International Olympic Committee (IOC) over their summer languages, which they had moved because of the Corona-pandemic in the next summer games. And now? Are the sounds in the gods at a time of a serious Bass, under: You to put in “real problems”, gave to John Coates, the IOC Vice-President and chief inspector for the Tokyo games, recently.

He spoke of 100’000 athletes, volunteers, officials, and reporters from all over the world, the need to gather together in Tokyo to have without a vaccine – spectators were not there off time. If the pandemic will be tamed up to this October half, was Olympia for 2021 at least feasible, said Coates – if not, the unfrohe message, then. And so a new core discipline that will employ the Sport in the next few months: Olympic Tremble.

what to do with all the stands?

The Kasai-Rinkai Park is only a 15-minutes S-Bahn from Tokyo Central station in the special district of Edogawa. He is an Idyll by the sea in the Aquarium, the grill, the lawn and the giant Ferris wheel, one of the largest green spaces in Tokyo and a look at games in place of the threaded summer. In the Eastern part of pine and steel pipe stands to protrude. From a hill you can see the basin of the first artificial whitewater course in Japan. What is going to happen until next year with a one-year delay, perhaps for medals will be paddled?

You don’t know it yet. So as you know still very little of how the routing is supposed to work. At least that is the message that exudes Toshiro Muto, the CEO of the Tokyo organising Committee. Also for the many makeshift stands, the Plan does not seem so clear. Some of the plants would be removed and a new Blueprint rebuilt, says Muto to approximate, otherwise: “There is no General Statement.”

With the uncertainties of the pandemic, the lack of announcements is supposed to do nothing. Paralyzes, the fear of a late cancellation? Such thoughts must not be allowed to Muto. Especially since a cancellation would, according to the forecasts still more expensive than the laying. So Muto is trying different opinions from the IOC to capture.

Toshiro Muto, chief of the organizing Committee may not allow thoughts of a cancellation in the first place.Photo: Reuters

“Unprepared” I met him recently of the fact that IOC President Thomas Bach began a further installation with the cancellation of the same. And after his assistant, John Coates had the impression that in October, the decision to Continue or Not to continue the case to make, asked Muto at this time. “He said he had never spoken about the possibility of having the games,” says Muto. After all: “With a view to the games we all agree that we need to have in addition to measures against the heat as well Coronavirus-measures.”

not But some of the virologist, believes that the global Corona location 2021 allows an event with participants from more than 200 countries. And Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe insists that the summer of 2021 is the latest possible date. A rejection is therefore not the most unlikely scenario. In spite of the finished stands.

The money could just

to be A shift in the games in the direction of the fall of 2021, the canadian Richard Pound from close. Although the organizers riding in Tokyo that Japan’s Prime Minister Abe and Thomas Bach talked about the cancellation at all. But not only Pound (78), the Doyen of the IOC, believed that mainly because of “cultural peculiarities” to be in the game: “There seems to be a certain national reluctance to declare the absolute end of of the flexibility.”

This is from pound’s point of view: “as far as I know, everyone accepts that, if the games 2021 are not possible, this is the end of the road.” The Japanese had has even so: “First, they suggested a postponement of up to one year, the IOC agreed to. Then they proposed the new dates, and the IOC agreed to.”

The Olympic spirit village: After the Games the flats to luxury apartments. When the buyer can move in, however, is unclear. Photo:

Pound shows, now also a core problem that has so far remained unnoticed, the rings Clan, but intensively: “a Conservative is,” he says, “must expect the IOC in order that neither of the games in Tokyo in the winter can take place in 2022 in Beijing.” In fact, half a year lies between the two Mega-Events only – and these are just the autumn and the Winter, in which the virus threat is growing. How to succeed in China, a snow spectacle, when months earlier in the summer had to be cancelled in Japan?

there is a previously unimaginable challenge for the IOC is that The money could be scarce. So Pound also explains the fact that the Olympus auslobte although recently, bridging assistance for the summer sports federations of around $ 150 million, to substantiate its claim without this. The IOC, so Pound, see already the danger of a rejection in China. Therefore, it had to go “that it could survive in such an unfortunate Double mishap financially”.

the Crux of The matter is: games Ghost scenes are just as little desirable. The IOC lives of images of a three-week Olympiafests, especially since Tokyo is already Corona-Event branded. A double rejection would be a Disaster, the back throws the therefore top-level sport to the next appointment in 2024 in Paris. Sponsors have nothing to sponsor, to send the transmitter, nothing. Big fizzle would not blossoming careers, new. As is, it needs Tokyo to take place. At any price.

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