Bank transfers: the 11 dates to know in 2023


The easiest way to transfer money. We no longer present the bank transfer, which has become a simple formality with the advent of banking applications on French mobiles. Thanks to it, you can easily transfer money between your different bank accounts or to that of a loved one. No more queuing at the bank counter or calling your advisor to ask them to transfer money, because the matter is now settled in a few clicks.

If transfers make your life easier, be sure to make them at the right time! Indeed, SEPA transfers are not effective on weekends and certain public holidays. Be careful therefore to choose the right day to execute your order, especially if it is urgent… While a classic transfer takes on average one to two days to be effective, this delay can go up to three or four days if you don’t pay attention to the chosen day. Here are the ones to avoid in 2023:

At these different times of the year, you will have to make your SEPA transfers the previous week, at the risk of waiting a very long time before they are effective. Wednesday and Thursday are a good option, or even Friday at the latest, especially if your transfer must be effective at the beginning of the following week.

Contrary to popular belief, other public holidays in France have no influence on bank transfers. Here they are :

How to explain it? As MoneyVox specifies, if these days are indeed public holidays in France, the interbank system remains open all the same, which allows your transfers to be effective on time.