Bank account: this common mistake that threatens your purchasing power


Rising prices were a constant in 2022. Every month, the French saw their purchasing power decrease and therefore had to find strategies and tricks to save money. However, on their bank account, many of them reproduce a recurring error that is not new.

Indeed, according to figures from MoneyVox, in 2022, French households accumulated a total of 528 billion euros in the form of sight deposits generally placed in current accounts. This amounts to an average of 17,600 euros per household.

However, in normal times, this is not a good idea, because dormant money does not increase in value and even loses it because that of the currency evolves. In times of high inflation like the one we are currently going through, this has an even greater impact on purchasing power.

Indeed, with inflation at 6.2% over one year in November 2022, what could be bought in November 2021 with 1,000 euros now costs 1,062 euros and this therefore represents a loss of 62 euros in power. purchase in a year. However, there are simple solutions that can reduce this gap.

For example, the Livret A allows you to reduce the impact of rising prices on your money. If the interest rate of this savings account remains lower than inflation, it is still preferable to a rate of 0%. Especially since over the course of 2022, its yield increased sharply since it had risen to 1% in February, before experiencing a further revaluation in August, then reaching 2%.

Inflation is not over and could well continue in 2023. It is therefore preferable to place your dormant money now on a Livret A or any other savings method.