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The lisbon neighbourhood of the Sentence, very near Campo Santana, you have in the street Martim Vaz his true heart. There was born Amália Rodrigues, and from there we descend with the melody of longing in the mind to head to the nearby Rua do Capelao , the epicentre of the song Portuguese because it was passing by there the regarded the first fado singer ever: Maria Stern , who died in the mid-NINETEENTH century, with only 26 years.

we Continue the route of melancholy walking up the slope of the Cavaleiros and, once up, unfolds before our eyes the tribute splendid of VHILS (the Banksy luso) to the great Amália, left orphaned to their countrymen in 1999 . Now, however, comes to light with renewed intensity the popular devotion by the interpreter’s most international fado, just as it marks the centennial of his birth, which up to that was a very special woman.

Two birthday

The diva musical excellence of the neighboring country was born July 1, 1920, but was not recorded in the municipal records until the 23rd of the same month due to a delay in the official notification. So that she got used to celebrate her birthday on the two dates, with two parties , with two cakes in her historic address in the Rua de Sao Bento, next to the Assembly of the Republic. A place where today sits the shrine-museum, and that has served from this spring as a tv set for In the house of Amália, the tribute of the public broadcaster RTP in the form of tertulia cultural under the leadership of Jose Gonzalez , and with actors such as Ana Moura and Jorge Fernando , emulating that she put on foot at night with various artists.

Is ready to be edited, a box with four CDS of unreleased recordings, as it includes some recorded sessions for Radio France, and his famous concert at the Olympia

it Is one of the signs that the spirit of the unforgettable lady that marked the essence of the soul Portuguese – continues to roll out its effect , while the balconies of the Alfama or the Barrio Alto sound Gaivota, Teardrop, Perseguiçao, Sempre Lisboa canta Foi Deus or Tendinha, these earth-shaking anthems that the raising of the skin of the citizens lusos when sounding in his voice.

Today is ready to be edited, a box with four CDS of unreleased recordings, as it includes some recorded sessions for Radio France, the proof that the public of Paris the adored from that came to the screens the film Les amants du Tage.

The disk contains, in addition, her famous concert at the Olympia in 1956, which was already available to his devotees but it has been remastered to coincide with the commemoration of the centenary of his birth, of that day in 1920 that changed forever the idiosyncrasies of Portugal contemporary.

The singer, the graffiti that VHILS has spent in Lisbon

A book with pictures never seen before full publication , which features a foreword by the historian Jorge Muchagato : “Amália was our highest performer, not only for his international career unparalleled, and also by the ability to be always new and surprising when he sings fado, whose melody was well known”.

But it is the journalist Miguel Carvalho who has finished his extensive research in the main files Portuguese to uncover Amália. Dictatorship and Revolution (A secret history), converted already in the book of the year on the other side of the border with the format of a political biography that rejected the Portuguese who dared to undervalue the singer for your alleged ties with the regime of Salazar.

double game

The author argues with profusion and dozens of details not known to the “lover forbidden” from Eduardo Ricciardi , a member of the saga of the Holy Spirit, had the courage to put into practice a double play ideological, which consisted of seem like a protected the dictator when, in reality, diverted funds for the communists. That is the secret referred to Carvalho, documented as had not been done before, to emphasize that, after conquering the biggest stages in the world, Amália not ovidaba of help to the political prisoners who could, those whose phantom exudes through the walls of the Museum of Aljube , a former prison used by the dreaded police salazarista and which today acts as a repository of these memories of the dark ages and suffering.

The songs of Rodrigues are earth-shaking anthems that the raising of the skin of the citizens lusos when sounding in his voice

The volume is the echo of that certain segments of the society lusa strove in silence to the impressive pedigree music of Rodrigues for the sake of a hypothetical collaboration with the tyrant. But no, it was not for that of false appearances is incarnated in his own skin, as I grew up his fame and the public adored in Spain, Italy… all you need is to contemplate the photography desempolvada in which this enigmatic woman march in a demonstration called by the Socialist Party in June of 1975 the streets of Lisbon.

Ay, Amalia, who art in heaven , that pervives in these earrings of goddess, recently launched by the prestigious jewelry Póvoa de Lanhoso in his honor, patterned of the offered

César Seabra before you marry her in the Copacabana Palace Hotel in Rio de Janeiro.