Singer Jane Birkin, who is celebrating her 76th birthday, had three daughters, born to different fathers. She initially had Kate, from her relationship with English composer John Barry. After their separation, the British star maintains a romantic relationship with Serge Gainsbourg, French star of the song. They become parents to a daughter named Charlotte. Finally, Jane Birkin becomes the mother for the third time of another daughter, Lou, whom she had with the director Jacques Doillon.

Kate Barry also became the mother of a child in 1987, named Roman, from her relationship with Pascal de Kermadec. On December 11, 2013, the professional photographer died tragically after falling, on the courtyard side, from her apartment located on the fourth floor, in the 16th arrondissement of the capital. An apartment she would have moved into some time ago. A tragedy that could never be explained.

In the columns of Paris Match, Jane Birkin had mentioned the sad disappearance of her daughter and in particular an image that will mark her forever. “I saw his hair slapped against his face again at the forensic institute,” she said and added of a song dedicated to her: “It took me five years to write on her. Etienne [Daho] came up with the title, These thick walls. One day when I went to the cemetery to lay wild roses on her grave, I tore my arm trying to place them among other flowers. My hand was bleeding, I sent the photo to Etienne. And that’s how we added the expression “savage roses avenged”.

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