Technology has changed everything, the way we live, how we perform our daily activities, the way we get information, and even the way we try to entertain ourselves. With technology, the biggest issue is the way we are now getting used to staying indoors, which means no movement, no physical exertion, and more diseases.

In short, as we sit home behind our computers, we are becoming lazy, our muscles are becoming tighter, less elastic, and our bones are becoming weak and brittle. Amidst all these things, we feel our next generation will be in a lot more trouble as they get information from fake sources and sit behind the computer the whole day to perform some minor work.

Even the common physical sports that were once liked and loved by people are now taken as a luxury because no one is willing to go out and perform those physical activities.

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Where technology has done so much good, it has made us scared for the next generation, especially our kids.

According to a recent report, kids are getting bullied more than ever, and they are getting depressed at such a tender age that there is no way to help them cure their depression later. Additionally, the psychologist says that most of the mental health issues we deal with as an adult come from the unresolved issues we had in childhood.

In short, if we help our kids get involved in healthy activities, we are not only allowing them to exert negative energy in a positive way, but we are also saving them from a lot of issues when they grow up. This is a great investment in your child’s future, all he needs is a membership and BJJ suit.

If you are looking for a useful hobby for your kids that can help them develop positive thinking, good cognition skills and yet help them combat real-life issues and stay motivated as well, you are at the right place. The art of BJJ has evolved from traditional Japanese jiu-jitsu, and this has transformed the world of entertainment as well as the fitness world. With plenty of benefits, it can also change the life of your child.

Here are five reasons you should consider BJJ as the right choice for your kid.


This is one of the main reasons everyone must help their kids learn BJJ. Although you will find another way and other mixed martial arts classes as well, the best thing about BJJ that will help you make the decision is that it favors the small size. In short, if there is someone who is small and weak, with the help of BJJ, he will learn to defend himself and eventually win. However, for a big bulky guy, this will be quite difficult.

Positive Thinking

The world we live in today is full of negativity; even if we sit at our homes watching the news, it is sometimes quite frustrating to know what’s going on outside. Positive thinking cannot be taught to someone, which is the reason no matter how many workshops you attend about positive thinking, you never have a positive way to think about a negative situation.

With the BJJ training, you learn to be thankful because your body is trained to be disciplined and calm at the same time. All these things collectively will help your child learn the art of positive thinking, which will help him stay positive in all situations.

Problem Solving Skills

BJJ is known as human chess because it involves a lot of mind work, and the person is not only understanding what’s happening right in front of him but also making a strategy that will help him combat the issue. Apart from all these things, we have seen most kids complaining that they are not ready for real-life problems.

BJJ will also help the kids get prepared for real-life issues because it will help them to think ahead of time and learn strategies for combating the situations rather than avoiding these issues altogether.

Better Grades

Most parents don’t know how good grades are related to BJJ. However, there are reports supporting that kids who get involved in physical activities perform much better in school.

The main reason behind this is that they can focus better as their body becomes more active. Additionally, with the help of BJJ, the blood flow in the brain gets better, which otherwise is relatively slow and challenging.

All these things collectively play a vital role in making your child good in studies. If you are getting a lot of complaints in school or if your child has mild ADHD symptoms, you should contact him enrolled in BJJ class rather than getting him on medication; this will help him exert his negative energy in a very positive way, he will also be learning a new skill that will help him later.

Positive Social Circle

In most cases, when a child feels vulnerable, he tries to find solace in a company that satisfies his needs. This means that if your child is going through bad conditions, especially bullying, and he will try to become friends with people who are either good at handling a bully or who are a bully.

This also means you will not be able to see if your kid is getting involved with good or bad company. However, with the help of BJJ, you are teaching your kid to stand out not only for himself but also for others who are in need. His social circle will also consist of people who are related to BJJ so he will learn discipline and positivity in his life.