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—What is freedom?

—Do what you want and what you can make.

—We locked up.

—What have we done so wrong that a society that is believed to be advanced has been noqueada of a single hit by a bug, as 100 years ago. What little we are, how little we have advanced.

—The new wars.

—The serious thing is that we are not prepared to face a pandemic such as this. Something we have not done well. We are talking about something that could have been foreseen. These are going to be the new wars and you have to learn to defend themselves.

—Without answers.

—we can Not have a skyscraper and does not have answers to a problem such as the coronavirus. With a Health more strong, we would have smarter solutions.

—The return of football.

—soccer is a universal language, there is no ideology or social class, and return to play has been to give hope back to be the same as before.


—I get along well with the mayor. I’ve tried to explain, and has understood, that it can comply with the Law of Historical Memory without breaking with tradition. We are here to overcome traumas and fears. The word Carranza overflows in a lot of the character.

—Our heritage.

—Is that I, like many, I’ve known who was Ramón of Carranza by this conflict. The name is our heritage, our history, completely separate from that outside the mayor during the franco regime.


—I Understand football as a business built on a family. I speak with all of you, and in moments of error or of mistake, they cover it like you cover your family despite the fact that then at home to warn you, you regañen and until you beat them.


—I believe in creating value together. Steady pulse but air parental. The club has to be the glue that gasket and repaired, the nexus of union.


—it Would be arrogant to say that we have no other purpose than that of the permanence, but the Cadiz will go on to compete in all areas of the game.

—Without fear.

—The fear of dwarfs.


—The VAR equals the football. Teams such as Cádiz is good for us. Anyway, I had always said, before the VAR, that Spain is a country of poor referees.


—the problem is not The VAR but the controversy around a tool that matches. There are that improve it so that the doubt is gone.

—let’s get Back to the pandemic. We will enclose.

—We’re still a few unconscious. It is also true that we may be better guided. But I tell you that our system and our economy are not prepared for a second landfill.

—But what will happen?

—I do not believe that in the summer we were to have so many infected people. You do not will lie: I’m scared.


—I, as a leader of a club that is all, I’m not going to express political opinions, but it is true that things could have been done better. Will also tell you that I would not like to be in the skin of Fernando Simón.

—The football without an audience.

—The football without an audience is not football, it is another sport. As an interim solution, it is worth it. But not be able to sustain in time a football without spectators.

—Thebes and parties in Miami.

—it Is essential to the promotion of our business abroad. It is always necessary to advance and Thebes has been saved to Spanish football. It has reinvented the business. Today all clubs are profitable. The corporate vision of Javier has done to grow the sector.

—The Government.

—Has been smart taking advantage of the tool of football to give hope to the people. They have put facilities. We have gone together and coordinated.

—The Cadiz. The base.

—The base will be to enhance what we have, with some signing as the Negredo, the big one for us, but never forgetting that Cádiz is a factory of happiness and this is what has to continue to be.

—The three categories.

—anyway he thinks that football is divided into three categories: the first are Barcelona and Madrid, with Atletico Madrid almost at the same level thanks to the great management of Miguel Angel Gil. In the second there are teams like Sevilla, Athletic, Real Sociedad, in the end, that every year they play in Europe. And in the third, those who fall below the 12 in the rankings along with all of the Second division. Therefore, we can compete by keeping what has made us strong.

—The best football he has seen.

—The best football management and has been the club of Laporta, and note that I say Laporta and not Guardiola, because in the end who had the courage to sign Pep was a Laporta. Also you say that the business of football, the first thing that it changed, long before Thebes, was a Florentine. He taught us to be profitable.