A year after the strike – women of the year after the historic women’s strike again, a lot of women went in numerous Swiss cities on the road and demonstrated for greater equality protest in the whole SchweizEin.0 comment pure the whole of Switzerland, took place demonstrations for women’s rights and equality.Photo: KeystoneIn Zurich were a lot of Protesters Cycling through the city on the way.Photo: Keystone…, as well as in Geneva.Photo: Keystone1 / 5

A year after the historic women’s strike on Sunday took place in numerous Swiss cities rallies. Actions, there was in Zurich, Bern, Basel, Lausanne and Bellinzona.

Because of the Corona-measures of this year were organized, although no official rallies, but it through various actions throughout the day. So were about to complete in Bern interested parties are invited to a “feminist Post”. This is on the Route of the great rally of 2019. Topics of wage differences, the Situation of migrants and the decision of the cantonal Parliament this week to double the Sunday sales were.

The city of Bern had approved the occasion. Several Hundred people are expected to have completed the Post – an organizer said on request, all of the 300 start numbers had been issued.

Many graduates of the post-run were in pairs or in small groups on the road and wore at least one purple piece of clothing. In the course of the Afternoon, a Kundgebungszug, the moved to the Federal court was formed in the city centre. Something about a hundred people involved.

Jogging and Swimming in Basel

On the Basel theatre square, about 150 people gathered at 14 o’clock, to nod together pick and dance. In order 15.10, the Organizer announced a “zoom Jogging” from the St. Johanns-Park up to the Museum Tinguely.

From there, the participants would then rise into the Rhine, and their Protest of the floating continue. Also occurred at 15.23 clock, a strike on the Middle bridge. The police was on site, and a distributed Corona-Flyer by the Federal office for health (BAG).

Lausanne started at midnight

in the Canton of Vaud has been demonstrated in different places. In Lausanne the day of action started shortly after midnight with a meeting. In the afternoon, around 500 people demonstrated on three different places. At a rally a dozen bare-breasted demonstrated well.

In various Speeches and actions, the themes dealt with women as the most Affected of the Corona-crisis, racist violence against women, and inequality in health and education. In Bellinzona, around 200 people marched through the streets and demanded the same wage for the same work.


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