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What is freedom?

—to Work within the Law but without as much bureaucracy. In Spain, an entrepreneur can’t move a finger without ten papers. We are not free. To be able to create wealth we have to ask for permission.


—Without rigor there is no freedom. If we do not take seriously the hygiene we will enclose. Now it is our choice.

The first choice.

—With 14 years old I got polio and had to choose between doing a lot of sport to advance myself or to study. I didn’t see being a lawyer in a wheelchair: I did a lot of sport and I didn’t study anything.

Your training.

—One thing is the acquired culture and other natural intelligence. I’ve learned everything in the street and of the christian education of my parents.


—In 1968 I began working with my father. A strong man, an orphan, hard, Leon, was born in the 19. Taught Me to love my work as my life.


—He founded the business. I had the instinct, he had what he needed to create The Bright. Don’t need to be good at everything, just the best at one thing.

The business.

—My first vision it was jumping over to the fishmongers: they were selling water with meat. 26 I said, “I’m going to have the best squid sandwich”. Had to climb up the quality and lower the costs.

Seem poor to become rich.

—I planted in Mercamadrid: there are very gypsies, and the best dress goes, the more they want to charge you. I bought a van old, a monkey of work and some running shoes used. Soon I had a reputation as a good payer and so I began to send the product.


—The second vision was to import from Peru and Ecuador. They lowered a lot of costs and I began to grow.


—a need that Bright was really known. I hired a media company and they told me that only 10 out of every 100 locals associated the word “bright” to our company. After a year of investing in advertising, we knew 90 of every 100 locals. I went from selling out 30,000 loaves of bread per month to 120,000.

A madness.

—Then it was madness that a bartender would make advertising as we did. I trusted both in my quality that I dared to invest a lot of money to publicize it. The third step was to buy freezers and not to rent them. Still couldn’t get over the expenses.

to Lose to pay.

—When my father died he left me € 1,800 in the bank and 45 payroll to pay. My first business as the owner was losing 8 million in a forced sale to be able to pay my employees. This won’t happen to me. A company can’t live without a few reservations of 20% of their profits. Look at what has suffered the English Court.

The second family.

—I’ve Never fired anyone. When you create a business with a template, is a second family. I work thanks to them. Only a man can do nothing without a superequipo. I want my 170 workers and I know all of them: where they live, the children they have, if they are doing well in school, if they have become a pirsin.

Two businessmen.

—Being an entrepreneur is extraordinary. But there are two types of entrepreneur: the one who his father was and gave him everything, and at 18 years he bought a Mercedes, and the guy does not apply to the company or known to the workers, nor know what to do when the father dies, and then bankruptcy or sold; and that from small breeds in the family, in the company, and the father knows that he has to be in the rigour and demands. I never wanted a Rolls-Royce. I want to create jobs.

The bravery.

—Being an entrepreneur is hard, but you are free because you choose your future. We are all born with an entrepreneur within but then lack the courage. I have lost sometimes but I’ve gotten to raise.

the tenderness of The entrepreneur.

—I found out that it was Ifema and I approached to see what it was. I saw all of that effort and right away I thought I’d help. I had a couple of food tracks (trucks for street vending of food) stopped and I got in the door of the hospital to hand out sandwiches, pastries, coffees, and all sorts of drinks.

Give it my all.

—Then I called the 12 of October. More than a hospital, is a city. In 40 days we handed out to 12,000 cafes. In the baby Jesus we did the same thing. Always give. Giving is the greatest honor of my life.

40 police officers.

—The city Council has to enforce the Law, which is the same for all, and I this is what I understand. But since we are back to open the various local, we have received up to 40 visits from the police discutiéndonos two tables on the terrace. This causes damage.


—to Be political is a problem, a sickness, a vice. There should be more technical and that would have to be held accountable for what they do. The incompetent would have to go on strike.

to Listen to.

—you must listen to the employer, in place of atosigarle. If you have a project, the better benefit you.

to Create wealth.

—Lower taxes is reasonable. We need to pay taxes, but we need much more power to create wealth. Let us do it. We understand the business much more than the political.