Supermarket: the ranking of the 10 favorite stores of the French


11.7%. This is the latest one-year inflation forecast for food products for December 2022 from INSEE. While in August, this economic phenomenon reached an average of 7.9% in mass consumption, according to a study by Iri. This is a record price increase on the majority of products.

“The surprise comes from the speed and level of these increases” explained Emily Mayer, specialist in this same institute in the columns of Liberation. Only certain rays seem to be spared. Makeup, hair softeners and dishwasher items barely budged, the outlet reports.

And so that the costs at the checkout do not increase for French households, some brands have not hesitated to slightly reduce the content of their products…. Without warning the consumer, says the FoodWatch association. This is particularly the case for Kiri, St Hubert, Saint Louis, Salvetat, Lindt and Teisseire.

Although there are many major brands in France, 10 are particularly popular with the French according to a study by the Kantar Institute. The reason why the Gauls prefer them so much? The prices offered to customers seem to be the determining factor.

Your usual supermarket may be one of them… To find out, Planet has produced the slideshow below. It is a classification, according to the market shares available to each distributor, according to the kantar study relayed by Femina.

In addition, although prices have increased, this did not prevent household spending in France on consumer goods from swelling by 7.1%…