New Sprayerei provides eddy Zürcher Kunsthaus enough for a criminal complaint against Harald Naegeli, The artist should have put a Graffiti on the facade of the Museum. The Stiftung Zürcher Kunsthaus speaks of property damage 36 Kommentare36″Let my work speak for me.” Harald Naegeli shows, not in Public. (2017, Pro Litteris, Zurich.)The image of Doris Fanconi

The well-known artist Harald Naegeli is said to have placed Graffiti on the facades of the Zurich Kunsthaus. The Stiftung Zürcher Kunsthaus, which manages the properties on behalf of the art house, has reported him to the police because of property damage and the Sprayereien removed as a spokesman for the Museum confirmed on Tuesday a message of “local info”. The Graffiti were the 20. April around been discovered. Harald Naegeli was identified on the video recordings properly. The Sprayereien had now been removed.

The 80-year-old Harald Naegeli is at the end of the 1970s fame, as he painted at night and anonymous the clean walls of Zurich, with 400 to 600 long-limbed stick figures.

With these provocations, he unleashed a giant vortex, and the court was prosecuted. In 1981, the Zurich Supreme court sentenced him because of property damage to nine months in prison and a hefty fine. Naegeli fled to Germany and painted his graffiti. From the “Sprayer of Zurich” was an internationally known artist.


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