Unusual: these tourists missed their vacation photos and it’s hilarious!


In summer as in winter, at the beach and in the mountains, or in the countryside… We dream of spending the ideal holiday at any time of the year. Especially when you can share very good times together. As a couple, with family or friends: the best way to collect our memories is to capture them in photos.

Like any good self-respecting tourist, be equipped with a camera to immortalize your most beautiful memories. From the magnificent sunset of a paradise island on analog paper, to the monument classified as World Heritage captured with a Polaroid or disposable camera, without forgetting the famous group selfie posted on social networks, we want at all costs to get a superb cliche.

But, sometimes, it happens that a small detail comes to spoil a photograph. A disastrous weather that prevents you from enjoying the panorama, a bad angle that ruins the optical effect or worse… a stranger who comes to encrust your photo without having been invited! However, the result can make you smile in the face of this kind of unusual situation.

Like these individuals who have experienced a sacred moment of loneliness while looking at their vacation photos. From France to the United Kingdom, via India and Brazil… Here is an anthology of the worst tourist shots through our slideshow.