Become a millionaire in a few moments… A promise that wins over thousands of French people every day. Only, if there are several hundred thousand players every day, only a few of them win the jackpot.

But if the odds are slim, why are so many people likely to gamble? It is probably hope that drives them. Indeed, many of them think that there will be a winner somewhere. “And why not me?”, they say to themselves.

While it’s true that you have no chance of winning if you don’t gamble, it’s still important to remember that gambling should never be abused as it can be addictive. .

Lotto and EuroMillions are the two giants of this medium. They each bring together tens and tens of thousands of players. However, many are hesitating between the two and wondering which is statistically more favorable.

To win the lottery jackpot, you must get the 5 correct numbers plus the lucky number. According to the calculations of Futura Sciences, each player therefore has a chance in 19,068,840, or nearly 20 million, of winning.

When it comes to EuroMillions, the odds are even slimmer. Indeed, the odds of getting all 5 numbers as well as 2 stars are one in 139,838,160, reports L’Internaute.

It is therefore by far the Loto that offers the most chances of winning the maximum sum, even if these remain extremely low. However, many people have already won more than 500,000 euros in this game. Find out in which departments there were the most according to the number of inhabitants.