Orange vigilance is back in part of France. Météo-France reveals to us in its bulletin that “strong thunderstorms could again be triggered at the end of the afternoon and evening from the southwest to the northeast with an intensity and location remaining to be specified”.

Hail, thunder and tropical heat… The big summer storms, which tear the scorching sky in the summer, are making a comeback in France. But further south, the instability remains greater, showers will rage at daybreak from New Aquitaine to north-east Burgundy. These high pressures stabilize the atmosphere, but the heat is always very present. It simply becomes drier than in recent days and therefore a little more bearable, especially at night.

Thunderstorms, although often spectacular, can also cause significant disruptions, such as flash flooding and power outages. It is therefore expected for the inhabitants of the affected areas to keep themselves informed of the latest weather forecasts and to take the necessary measures to protect themselves and their property.

Farmers in these areas also need to be on high alert as heavy rainfall can impact crops and harvests. Professionals in the agricultural sector are closely monitoring the development of the situation and taking measures to minimize potential damage. Despite these persistent stormy agitations, it is important to note that other regions of France are not directly affected by these violent weather phenomena. The northwestern regions benefit from milder weather, with more moderate temperatures and less intense rainfall.

Discover in our slideshow below which departments were affected by thunderstorms the week of June 26, 2023.