After the Tsunami in Indonesia, the number of dead rose to at least 373. 1500 people were injured, 128 are still missing, such as the Indonesian disaster protection on Monday evening (local time) announced. The rescue operations were often hampered by blocked roads, so the media reports.

Indonesia has more fear of recurrence of flood waves. The authorities called on the population on the Islands of Java and Sumatra, the immediate coastal areas continue to be avoided. Due to the ongoing eruptions of the volcano Anak Krakatau had to be expecting a second tsunami, the Indonesian disaster management authority on Monday in Jakarta.

A three-Meter-high tidal wave had the people in the affected areas on Saturday evening, taken without warning. The experts suspect that the outbreak of the Sundstraße between Java and Sumatra, the nearby Anak Krakatau could cause a landslide under the water and this triggered the Tsunami.

The spokesman for the Agency, Sutopo Purwo Nugroho, said on Monday that the early-warning system to show that although the threat of earthquakes, however, no underwater landslides and volcanic eruptions. It was of paramount importance to develop such a System for Indonesia, where 13 percent of the world’s active volcanoes are.

The Catholic charity, Caritas international, and the Evangelical relief organization Diakonie katastrophenhilfe have provided for their Indonesian partner organisations financial resources.

The Catholic relief organization Misereor was according to own data up to 30,000 euros for emergency aid. After the earthquake on the island of Lombok and the devastating Tsunami in front of Sulawesi in the summer, with Thousands of dead, it was already the third such catastrophe in Indonesia this year, stressed Misereor.

According to the volcanologist Hans-Ulrich Schmincke the disaster would have been predictable. It is known that the volcano could create eruptions Tsunamis, the researchers said in the Germany radio. In addition, the insufficient staffing of the competent authority with a debt on the course of the disaster.


landslides, floods, cloudbursts, earthquakes, Tsunamis and volcanic eruptions are part of everyday life of some 17,000 Islands in the Republic of Indonesia. On the second day of Christmas 2004 killed by a tsunami in the Indian ocean, more than 200,000 people, including 165,000 in Aceh, Indonesia. Indonesia is located in the “Pacific ring of fire” with more than 450 active volcanoes around the Pacific ocean.