Hong Kong’s voice of freedom – The newspaper makers, the Xi referred to openly as a dictator, Beijing has imposed on Hong Kong a new security law. For publisher Jimmy Lai, there are only two options: emigrate or fight. Lea Deuber1 Kommentar1In anticipation of a long prison sentence: entrepreneur Jimmy Lai, who founded the newspaper “Apple Daily”, on the way to the court in Hong Kong.Photo: Kin Cheung (AP)

A liar, an Agent of American intelligence, a member of a foreign controlled group of Umstürzlern, a traitor to this country. With all of these insults, the Chinese state press has vilified Hong Kong publisher Jimmy Lai. And the attacks on the 71-Year-old have become over time more violent. They culminated recently in an article in the state-run Global Times, in which the sheet is not prophesied that Lai with his new Account yourself to get on Twitter just attention, but the security authorities of Beijing, the necessary evidence will provide for him in accordance with the provisions of the on Thursday approved a security law, finally, away.

For years, the founder of the “Apple Daily”, the second most read newspaper in Hong Kong, is working for greater democracy in the Chinese special administrative zone. He is one of the most famous heads of the protest movement. Lai, China’s party chief Xi Jinping called a dictator, is using his Newspapers, for a long time rather apolitical Tabloids to support the mass protests, and marches, the Demos are often in the first row.

Tycoons practice the kowtow

Be rebellious to Occur with work colleagues, other business tycoons of the Asian metropolis distinguishes it significantly from its industry. They have earned billions with shops in Hong Kong, practicing to the party, but the kowtow, when it comes to the future of their city. You see, in Lai a, causing Trouble, and so their sales could be at risk. Lai already pays for his resistance. The Communist party exerts pressure on companies, in order to not display the Ads in Lais Newspapers and more. Often, the popular newspaper is published without a single ad from Hong Kong. The cost to the publisher according to its own figures, every year, 44 million Dollar.

The entrepreneur, who referred to Hong Kong as the last of the wonders of China, spent his first years of life in the South of China, Guangdong. He fled as a little Boy in a boat to Hong Kong. First he worked in a factory, for less than ten dollars a month. He quickly rose to Manager, invested his money in stocks and was founded with the capital of a private trading company that made him rich. Politicised has the entrepreneurs, the massacre at Tiananmen square in Beijing in 1989 Every year he participates in the commemorative event in Hong Kong, the only one in the whole of China. Some would look at him as a troublemaker, said Lai in an Interview once. But he had a pure Conscience.

principle of “One country, two systems”, in fact,

The new security law terminated, in fact, the principle of “One country, two systems”, which should assure the people until the year 2047 a far-reaching freedoms. In response, Lai wrote last week on Twitter, there are now only two options for the Hong Kong: Either emigrate or fight. He had opted for the Latter. There is also this Statement that prompted China’s state press to your direct threat against Lai was against the “modern traitors”.

Jimmy Lai is one of the many prominent representatives of the democracy movement, against the process. The authorities had him and other detained temporarily, as you are supposed to have participated in unauthorized protests. To June Lai is still on free foot. Him several years in prison.

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