we really Need more controversy? The world is full of them. And the (social) media. Certainly, the dispute reconciliation can follow. But these days, not only of Christmas, but also of the threat of a drifting Apart of liberal societies and of the European Union is not the dispute, but the Common summoned. The lead finally, the “social media” in the name, which are, without a doubt, for a direct, global connection, but also for the dissemination of hatred.

But each other to talk about – after all the Republic is a “public thing”. The may require of the free state on anyone, but without debate and the exchange of arguments, not a state. And then it depends on the Form and procedure in which a dispute is led. To many citizens, the needs of the community, to turn, however, unfortunately, the political process and the Private. Or simply choose a Protest party with no interest in the consequences. In conversation, stay in touch – it should require actually, none of the call of the Federal President.

If, however, the value of an argument is only measured in clicks, a supposed news unaudited widely used and, in minutes, a riot organized can be, so this is not only a Problem of the electronic media, but also of democracy. When it comes to report, describe, classify, and comment on, but the price is driven by the desire for originality is all about, then this is no new phenomenon.