Coronavirus in Brazil, the Peak or the gigantic disaster?While the Virus claims more and more victims, wants President Jair Bolsonaro as quickly as possible back to normality. In the health policy of the country is in Chaos.Christoph Gurk from Bueno Aires37 Kommentare37Viele people in a little space: Doctors examine a patient in a Favela in São Paulo.Photo: Alexandre Schneider ()

they wore yellow T-Shirts and chanting “We want work”: On Sunday, several Hundred supporters of Brazil’s President Jair Bolsonaro in the capital, Brasília gathered. About every two weeks, instead find these support rallies, always the President then steps in front of his Fans, waving and posing for photos. The message is always the same: Everything is good, no need to worry. And yet This Time something was different.

Because while the followers of Bolsonaro and the President also called for an end to all isolation measures, overtook Brazil in the numbers of cases, statistics for the first time, Italy and Spain, a day later, then even the United Kingdom. Worldwide, Brazil has looked to the United States and Russia is now the third-highest number of infections with the Coronavirus, approximately 255’000 cases were recorded, almost 17’000 people died.

Not all of the Infected detected

The Numbers are alarming, but at the same time incomplete. Once, because the number of cases is not put in Relation with the population. It converts the registered diseases to the almost 210 million people living in Brazil, Spain, for example – almost four times as many.

this is Similar for the numbers of dead due to Covid-19: In the case of the deceased per Million inhabitants, Brazil is far behind countries such as Spain, Italy or Switzerland. But at the same time all of the Infected are probably already in the statistics of the Brazilian Ministry of health recorded.

experts estimate that you could, in reality, up to 15 times as high. Brazil has been testing relatively little, no one can be develop to say so with certainty, as case numbers, whether the country has soon reached the Peak – or whether it is heading for a huge disaster.

In Manaus are mass graves dug, and the position, says the mayor, would be catastrophic.

Brazil was the first country in Latin America, where the novel Virus has been found in patients. First of all, it spread only in better-off neighbourhoods, it soon reached but also the Favelas. In the poor and working class areas of Rio or São Paulo, it found ideal conditions: a lot of people on little space, with in some cases not even running water.

at the same time it penetrated even in remote areas. Ironically, deep in the Amazon description the million-strong city of Manaus became a Hotspot of the pathogen. Long ago, the beds are not enough here in the intensive care wards, mass graves were dug, and the position, says the mayor, would be catastrophic.

The hospitals are at the Limit

Similarly, Bruno Covas, mayor of Brazil’s largest city, São Paulo sounds alarmed. The hospitals are at the Limit, a few more days, then the health system will collapse. This was previously ailing, for many years, was everywhere reduced in Brazil’s hospitals and saved.

there were Always scandals, for example, due to defective cable fires broke out, without any major consequences. Now it is often missing even in protective equipment, more and more nurses developing Covid-19, 116 have died, according to the national Association Conselho Federal de Enfermagem, even more than anywhere else in the world.

Insulted governors as a “job killer”: the President of Jair Bolsonaro.Photo: Ueslei Marcelino (Reuters)

But while the Virus claims more and more victims, the Brazilian health policy Chaos: A month has passed since President Jair Bolsonaro has dismissed the popular Minister of health, Luiz Henrique Mandetta. This had been used for insulation measures and against the use of the controversial drug chloroquine. Mandettas successor was a Bolsonaro devoted oncologist, last week, but threw he, too, hung.

quarantine by decree

The Ministry of health directs the Commissioner to make a General. The lack of experience in the field does not seem to disturb the President Bolsonaro. The extreme right-wing politicians plays with the danger from the Virus continue to be down, for the benefit of the economy.

This was before the pandemic, and while the case numbers are now climbing, is the national currency in the descent. Especially the owners of small shops, domestic workers, and the seller meeting by the governors of most States adopted quarantine measures hard. You do not have employment contracts, and often there is hardly enough money for food.

If Bolsonaro berated the governors as a “job killer” and, according to think about it, to want to quarantines, by a decree of finish is good. And while the mayor of Rio or São Paulo, to think about a tightening of the isolation measures, declared the President of fitness studios and beauty salons for relevant to the system and allows you to use again customer.

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