For a home movie it does not necessarily mountains or meadows. Sometimes a wagon load of eggnog and a Mettigel enough to spread to this very special coziness. A couple of sentimental pop songs and, of course, full of good people – without which there is no home movie. Only in the case of such a mixture may make it possible for a cinema hall looks full of people on a abgeranzte Gelsenkirchen street and thinks: “man, Recklinghausen in the seventies was pretty.”

Julia Bähr

editor in the features section.

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it Was not, says a historian, the need to know. But we are not in a history book, but in the history of Hape Kerkeling. The decisive Phase of his Childhood, he has in “The Boy needs fresh air”: the move from the country to the town, the death of his grandmother and the disease, and the suicide of his mother. But that is only the tragic side of the coin. On the other is to see how the little Hans-Peter discovered his comedic Talent. He is a parody of neighbours, and makes other nonsense to get people to Laugh – especially his depressive mother.

people make mistakes

so, We see the Childhood of Hape Kerkeling, as he remembers you. In the book, this subjectivity is not always clear, but in Caroline link’s film adaptation of the I-narrator is hardly the word. As a result, the personal coloring will be lost, which would explain why the whole family is full of exceptionally good people. For the small Hans-Peter that was certainly so: The fun-loving bunch with him in the biggest crisis of his Childhood. But in the movie (and real life), we are accustomed to breaks in a man’s life. It does not exist, and the Whole is raised still supposedly objective, it’s just a home movie.

This perspective error will occur in the single scene clearly, in such a fracture surface. Hapes mother, famously played by Luise Heyer, eventually lose the nerve. She is overwhelmed because her husband is always away on business, next door, your mother is Dying, and chronic maxillary sinusitis she teases. Therefore, she yells at the boy, as the accidentally spilled the milk, and wants to grab him. It is to be Afraid of in this Moment, even for her son, he runs out of the apartment. In this way, will win your figure of depth, while the stay at your side flat, as if they had no reason to commit mistakes, because life hits you so hard. But people make mistakes, even without any reason.

This is not to say that Caroline link’s first Film, they didn’t wrote, is a failure. On the contrary, a lot of things right has made in the implementation of the screenplay by Ruth Toma; above all, it has shown the history of illness of the mother up to the end with great tact and respect. Equipment and scene image by Susann Bieling are excellent, especially as regards the choice of places – the said road in Gelsenkirchen, masquerading in the movie as Recklinghausen, looks really, would be over Seventy. The aunt-Emma-Shop, the grandmother, is furnished with obsession for Detail. You almost can smell him. The Director revealed that the poppy field was in the first scene mohnig enough: “Then she spares no effort to skewer 12000 poppy flowers on 3000 wires and plug in the box.”