The donation to AfD group’s boss, Alice ryegrass could evolve according to a report on the Co-party Chairman Jörg Meuthen: This appears to have donors of the same items such as ryegrass benefits, reported the “mirror” on Friday with reference to their own research and that of the ARD policy magazine “Report Mainz”. This is clear from lists of names provided by the AfD recently, the Bundestag administration.

Thus, Meuthens alleged patrons are partial names identical with those which were presented by the party as would-be donors Weidels. In the case of ryegrass to about 130,000 Euro, received in 2017 on a AfD-election campaign account. As the sender is a pharmaceutical company of Zurich was given.

The AfD now write in your accountability report, the money came in truth of the “several people”, with a German or EU passport. In the case of Meuthen it is also dubious campaign financing. At the time of his candidacy for the state Parliament of Baden-Württemberg, the party’s Federal Chairman in 2016 of the Swiss PR-Agency Goal AG in an advertising campaign with advertisements, flyers, posters, and Website support.

at Least with respect to the web site of the party have spoken so far of a “friendship service” of the Goal-AG-heads, it said in the report. This is not the case in the new AfD-report. These costs had also been of the “several persons”. Some of these financiers appeared on the ryegrass-list. Questions about the similarity of names of the alleged patrons did not want to answer the AfD.