An excited crowd of people beating on the Spartakistin Rosa Luxemburg, when they will be brought in an open car from the Hotel Eden to the remand prison in Berlin-Moabit. Someone jumping Board on the kick, pulls out a gun and shoots her in the head. Then the pulling Pulk brought the dead body out of the car and throws him out of the light stone bridge into the Landwehr canal. 15. In January 1919, shortly before midnight.

So captain Waldemar Pabst, the man who planned the death of Rosa Luxemburg and Karl Liebknecht, thought it up, so he left it behind represent. The angry mob played soldiers, the role of the killer, the captain to sea Hermann W. Souchon took over.

A fictitious breakdown

A half-hour before, was Luxembourg’s comrades-in-arms Liebknecht in the Tiergarten, “the fugitive” were shot. He sat with some officers in a car, you fake a breakdown and asked the from a blow with a rifle butt, dazed Liebknecht, if he could go on foot, which he replied in the affirmative. Then the officers let him go suddenly, the other shot “on his cross, if you can talk about it”, as one of them put it later, in 1919, before the court-martial. – So you would not be able to do it with the handicapped Rosa Luxemburg.

In March 1961, allowed captain Pabst a round of former cadets in Düsseldorf an insight into his world of thoughts. Someone left a tape to run; these statements are reproduced here for the first time: “And as it is meant (: in the conquest of Berlin in January 1919) was the leader of the, let’s say, the spartakist Revolution, Liebknecht and Rosa Luxemburg, the spiritual leader and the leader to capture and you your just punishment to recycle broken in order for the people, mostly the backbone, because both of them were outstanding political leaders, agitators and propagandists. I heard you both talking, I went two Time in a civil in such meetings and can only tell you who Adolf Hitler was, it was not nearly as good as the Rosa Luxembourg. The people were like crazy.“

Fast captain Pabst was clear: “The way must. The are so dangerous, when we have, there’s no way to whine, since we have to be the judge, and so it happened.“ Pabst left the both of them and had success.

In a few days, these events date back a hundred years, and still they are fuel for heated discussion. Arno Widmann called it recently in the 100. Anniversary of the November revolution of 1918, the SPD against all, “was taken in the” Berliner Zeitung “” reasonable, “that what is to the left of your stand, rabidly”. One should celebrate.

On the same day, the SPD chair Andrea Nahles, if the Public hardly noticed at all surprised, at the Willy-Brandt-Haus with the statement, it is regarded as likely that the social Democrat Gustav Noske had in the murder of Rosa Luxemburg and Karl Liebknecht, his hands in the game. The SPD could not paint her story in pink-red colors. At the same time, however, claimed Nahles, the legacy of Rosa Luxemburg for the SPD, even if they have broken away from the party.