tens of thousands have signed in the past few days, an Online Petition against the two scheduled Germany concerts of the pop musician’s R. Kelly. Until Friday afternoon, almost 30 000 people had set their names to the Online Petition to the concerts in Ludwigsburg / Stuttgart (12. April) and in Hamburg (14. To prevent April). Several German media had previously reported on the Petition.

On Friday it was announced that the concert in Ludwigsburg by the organizers was canceled. As the reason were not, however, called the allegations against the musician. “He has postponed the concert due to capacity reasons,” said a spokesman for the city of Ludwigsburg in the German press-Agency on the decision of the organizer. The concert will take place on the same day, instead in about 35 kilometers away in Sindelfingen. At the new venue, the glass Palace, to have up to 5000 visitors to the place. In Ludwigsburg, there was, according to city spokesman well-4700 seats.

Against the R&B artist (“I Believe I Can Fly”) at the beginning of January in an American TV-have been charged documentation of massive allegations of sexual abuse of Minors. The allegations date back to the 90s. Kelly has denied the allegations several times.

Under the title of “#RKELLYSTUMMSCHALTEN – sexual no stage criminals” to reach the Petition that both Germany concerts of the musician to be cancelled. The authors of the Initiative write to the laying of the concert as a part of success on their flags. “We appeal once again to the organiser (..), cancel the event and to take the wind of nearly 30 000 people seriously,” wrote the petition to start the interior on the website Change.org under your call.