Despite the economic Weakness, companies are still looking for a lot of staff. The construction, in the trades and in a number of industrial occupations has exacerbated the shortage of skilled workers in the recent time even more. The new semi-annual “bottleneck analysis” of the Federal employment Agency shows. As of Friday’s finished Overview out is that in December, a total of 86 professional the statistical criteria for a Federal candidate divisions met deficiency. That is 25 more than the middle of last year and even 38 more than a year ago.

Dietrich Creutzburg

economic correspondent in Berlin.

F. A. Z.

New on the deficiency list building planners, parquet, for example, and tiles; in addition, occupations in the construction materials production, wood processing. It is also a tool technicians and installers, however, are scarce; similarly, professional drivers and skilled workers for the meat processing. In some regions, especially in the southwest, lack also Food salesperson, as the Overview shows. In Saxony-Anhalt, banks and insurance companies, therefore, are understaffed as it is. In addition, the analysis points to a further intensification of the Federal lack of staff in the relevant health and care professions as well as in IT jobs.

From the shortage of skilled workers speaks to the authority, usually when it takes a professional longer than 140 to 150 days, to employers, Vacancies can be filled. In addition to this vacancy, time is but tested a second criterion: In the profession, the registered free may be a maximum of two unemployed people with a suitable qualification in Germany reported. The average vacancy time of all the professions is increased according to the analysis, in the year 2018 by 10 to 113 days. Five years ago, there were still less than 80 days. To free for parquet or tiles are occupied, it takes an average of 180 days; in the case of professional drivers, there are 150 days. To find a plumber or refrigeration engineer, takes on average more than 200 days.