After some TikTok fans criticized his response, Maroon5 singer explained why he seemed to curse and recoil from the women.

It happened during a Maroon 5, performance this weekend. Frontman Adam Levine was singing “Sunday Morning” and a fan overly excited grabbed him mid-note.

The incident occurred at Saturday’s We Can Survive concert. A TikTok video of it shows security quickly grabbing the woman and pulling her away from Levine. Levine could be seen cursing, shaking and shaking off the experience before getting back in the groove.

Some people were offended by Levine’s reaction to the former “Voice,” coach’s visceral response. They suggested that he should “humble” himself and that he “remember the money that is in his pocket is from those fans.” Levine shared clips to his Instagram Stories Tuesday. I have always loved, respected, and worshipped my fans. Without our fans, there is no job. To our fans, I repeat that often.”

He explained that he was hurtful by the way people described his reaction to the show. It was called “demeaning”, “arrogant” or “humiliating” among other commenters.

He continued, “To think anyone would believe me that I believed that our fans were below us, or less than we, makes my stomach turn.” “That’s not me.” This is not me.

The pop rocker at 42 years old then provided a defense of his moment-to-moment shudders.

He said, “I just needed you guys to know that I was really surprised, and sometimes you have to get over it and move on.” “Because it’s my job up there and that’s what I take pride in. You guys need to know my heart, and that is the connection between the band and the fans.

Before closing, he said “I hope that we can all understand that”, before giving a kiss to camera.

Levine was addressing his critics but many of his 45,000+ TikTok users had his back.

One wrote, “He doesn’t even need to be humbled… A random person invaded him personal space during a Pandemic.” He acted in the right manner.”


Another said that no one would allow a stranger to touch them or run up to them.