On taxes and public spending, on the organization of the state, environmental change, and democracy wants to talk to the President of Macron with the French, now in a national debate. Obviously, the protests of the so-called yellow the West have to realize that a considerable portion of the French population is not so applied, that a few concessions, then a spirited “carry on” follows, a calming of the situation, but worse.

In France, ferments it in the same way as in other Western societies, in which the annoyance on the elites is great and the fire of a populist uprising burn. So it is in the United States, the United Kingdom and in other European countries, although without violent militancy.

a Lot of complaints are entitled to

Many of the complaints, which claim the protesters are entitled, at least you are not (completely) unfounded, even if they result in sum, no conclusive claim a Canon, but a patchwork made of superior values, absurd and extremist undemocratic. However, the understanding of this or that concern, or even that many citizens are simply tired of the politics and the politicians of your country, must not cause the violent eruptions that accompany the protests, are simply accepted as if they were inevitable, or even legitimate. The violence, which exert radicals from the extreme left and the extreme right-wing camp against reporters and other reporters, and the Attempts of intimidation of stirring at the foundations of the liberal state. You may not be accepted. It is a scandal that they are political profiteers played down or even justified.