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The emergence of online poker has allowed many players to build a bankroll without leaving home. However, it is necessary to know the right methods to avoid breakage. Here are five tips that you can apply to effectively increase your bankroll and to make progress in managing it.

It is better to avoid putting all your checking account or a large sum of money in your bankroll. You can start with a starting amount of 15 euros minimum or even 100 euros maximum. It is also Pierre Calamusa, professional player for the Winamax team, who believes that 100 euros is more than enough to properly build a bankroll. “I estimate that a capital of 100 euros is necessary in order to limit the risk of ruin,” he wrote on his blog.

Obviously you are not going to commit your entire bankroll to a tournament. It is preferable not to exceed 2.5% of your capital. If your bankroll is 100 euros, your unit bet will therefore be 2.50 euros maximum, which should be quite comfortable for participating in small buy-in tournaments (tournament entry price, editor’s note). But you can also adopt tighter management with a unit stake equivalent to 1% of your capital. With a bankroll of 100 euros, your unit bet will therefore be 1 euro. This benchmark bet is your safeguard. Once you have defined your limits, it is essential to respect them.

According to Pierre Calamusa, there is a real difference in level of players depending on the time you play. “It is better to play in the afternoons because the fields are smaller and the level lower. The chances of seeing your bankroll increase day after day are therefore greater than in the evening. “, believes the pro player.

Ideally, you can try to list all the poker tournaments that take place in the afternoon on the server of the operator for which you play online. So you can build a schedule. Pay attention to the buy-in of tournaments by selecting those that offer entry at a maximum of 2.5 euros (or 1 euro if you have chosen tighter management of your bankroll). For Pierre Calamusa, it is possible to obtain good results by playing only during weekends and holidays. “A lot of you unfortunately don’t have the time to do a lot of volume but nothing insurmountable,” assured the pro player.

Pierre Calamusa believes that the regular practice of a physical activity would allow you to maintain the form, to increase your rate of alertness and to improve your endurance in order to be able to last longer on an online or offline table. Indeed, we must not forget that a poker tournament can last several hours.