Aston Merrygold, JLS singer, is a father-of-two. The former X Factor star stated that his two children look “gobsmacked” when he performs on stage with his bandmates.

JLS Aston Merrygold, a singer from has said that performing on stage is a “good technique for calming” his hyperactive children.

X Factor star, 33, said that his kids look “gobsmacked” and “in awe” when they watch him sing and dance on stage with the pop band, and it seems to stop them from acting too hyper.

On Wednesday, the dad-of-2 spoke out about his children BBC Breakfast On November 24, he was joined by his JLS bandmates, Marvin Humes and JB Gill.

BBC presenter Jon Kay asked the band if their kids have been fully supportive of the band, adding that there’s a “risk” that they could be embarrassed by their pop star dads.

Aston responded: “They’re all hyper-active, mine especially, and it calms them down [watching JLS perform] so they’re just like completely gobsmacked. Do you see what I mean?”

He smiled and said, “So it’s actually quite a good technique for calming down.”

Later, Sally Nugent, a BBC host, stated that the sight of their children in front row seats at a concert must have been “emotional”.

JB agreed with JB and stated: “Just looking at the front row and knowing they’re supporting me. For my son, it was his first concert. My daughter was the same.

They’d never seen us do what they do. Although they’ve seen old DVDs and videos, they have never been up close and personal with us. It was amazing.

Aston, along with Sarah Lousie Richards, welcomed Grayson Jax, his first child, in December 2017.

Last June, the couple welcomed Macaulay Shay, their second child.

JB has two children, Ace Jeremiah (son) and Chaiara Sapphire (daughter).

JLS embarked recently on a UK reunion tour called the Beat Again Tour. This was originally scheduled last year, but had to be rescheduled because of the pandemic.

The band has signed a new deal with BMG to produce new music. In September, the band released Eternal Love, their latest single from their fifth studio album 2.0.