It had hinted at: After the AfD Federal Executive had requested on Tuesday a offices barrier against André Poggenburg, Flirty concerted comrade-in-arms of the prominent right wing politician always open with the founding of a party. Now Poggenburg has made serious and his withdrawal from the AfD announced. The new party, the 43-Year-old, founded at Thursday, of all places, in the AfD-strain state of Saxony, is no longer to bear the name “awakening of the German patriots – Central Germany,” and be what is his old party from Poggenburgs point of view, allegedly a credible “Patriotic Alternative”. Unfortunately it didn’t help that Poggenburgs AfD group had asked in the Magdeburg state Parliament on Thursday, within one week of a “clear and honest commitment” to the AfD.

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Political correspondent for lower Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt and Bremen, with its headquarters in Hannover.

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Christopher Bush

an editor in the politics of the Frankfurt General Sunday newspaper.

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the name validly published now faces the choice to leave the group or to be by his colleagues in the group next Tuesday excluded. The AfD had in Saxony-Anhalt, after you had reached in 2016, her previous record of 24.3 percent, originally 25 members. As a result of intra-party disagreements have so far left three members of the group, and the name validly published should now be the fourth. Fears that the former’s lead candidate, country, and group Chairman, could persuade other parliamentarians to join his new party, is not in the group currently. “From the group, no one is going to go, not a single one, this is a total head birth,” reported a Deputy. Poggenburg was now completely isolated. The AfD Deputy Daniel Roi is Poggenburgs plans as a “suicide mission”. Another member says he was also close companions Poggenburgs in the group, such as Mario Lehmann, Thomas Höse, or Marcus Spiegelberg sure that you will not follow him.

Gauland compares the name validly published with Petry

Also in the Federal party, the fear of a human vein keeps let. “Poggenburg has no resonance in the party,” said AfD party leader Alexander Gauland. “We are glad that we did not have to go through a painfully long party exclusion proceedings.” The chances of success of the new party were, according to Gauland “Zero”. “Poggenburg will go the way of the political insignificance – as in the time of Petry, too.”