detects, Despite of the worldwide success of the right-wing autocrats, the non-governmental organization Human Rights Watch (HRW) growing resistance to the suppression of human rights. Germany should take the lead in the defence of these rights has a leading role, said the Executive Director of the human rights organization, Kenneth Roth, in Berlin on Thursday. With its two-year temporary seat on the UN security Council, the country has numerous opportunities to set a good example. In many places of the world, the organization is in the year 2018, a lot of progress.

for example, the European Union, have seen no longer, as Poland, a number of judges wanted to dismiss and Hungary, his fugitive enemy of the policy more stringent. Because of possible violations of EU fundamental values to run against both States in the EU treaties in criminal proceedings in accordance with article 7. Kenneth Roth considers this to be “important steps”. He demanded, the hard line towards the countries in the planning of the EU budget for the next few years to continue.

Germany seats “behind the wheel”, as the country will hold at the time of the adoption of the budget – in the second half of 2020 – the presidency of the Council of the EU. Human Rights Watch also praised the civilian population of Poland and Hungary, which had protested in large numbers against the processes.

With regard to the situation in Saudi Arabia, said Roth, he think it is unfortunate that it cost the life of Jamal, Khashoggis, in order to bring the people to reason. The government-critical Journalist was murdered last fall in the Saudi Consulate in Istanbul brutally – allegedly on the orders of the crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. Human Rights Watch welcomed the designation of Saudi Arabian Official and the stop arms exports to Saudi Arabia that Germany – like several other States – had responded.

While large players such as the United States is becoming less and less reliable, in terms of new coalitions of smaller and medium-sized countries. As an example, Roth cited the cooperation of the Netherlands, Canada, Belgium, Ireland and Luxembourg, which had together fought for a UN Resolution for the observation of the fighting in the Yemen.

Despite such positive examples, one must take the world’s massive threats to human rights by the autocrats more seriously and vigorously fight, warned the HRW Executive Director. The organization has examined the annual report the state of human rights in more than 100 countries.