Is it already over with the love of the Chinese Investor Li Shufu to the Nobel-Mercedes brand? Less than a year after Li Shufu, the owner of the car manufacturer, Geely, has taken with a surprise coup nearly 10 percent of Daimler, had been reduced, the proportion is now more than half, reported the news Agency Bloomberg, citing “informed circles”. Geely from the trust a share of 5.4 per cent in Daimler.

Susanne Preuß

business correspondent in Stuttgart, Germany.

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A spokesman of Geely denied: “As a long-term Investor, Geely has sold-Holding no shares. The share of Daimler remains unchanged.“ Daimler did not want to speak first.

it Is just a misunderstanding?

it is Noteworthy that the investment Bank Morgan Stanley in a duty to put communication open, that voting rights for a total of 5.39% of the Daimler shares. The Bank shall exercise voting rights on behalf of others, said a Person in the Agency Bloomberg, and refuses to identify these parties.

May be associated with the notification of voting rights but also a misunderstanding that has led to the rumor. Morgan Stanley was involved, as the Chinese got on last year. Such multi-billion investments are occasionally hedged with Collar structures. A combination of the purchase and sale of options is intended to keep the risk to the Investor as low as possible. If the share is removed, but clearly from the initial price, must be structured in such options.