As a dancer in the preparation of a photo-shoot with a panic attack, and then you go to the hospital and went in for a medical check-up, she was taken to the er. The make-up of the Us was, in fact, so terrible unrealistic, and that the doctors thought she was badly injured it was.

Jai Fears in preparation for a Halloween photo shoot, then it’s misliep. Suddenly, she felt uncomfortable and she had a panic attack. However, when she arrived at Beaumont, Royal Oak Hospital in Michigan, and it went all wrong. “Maybe she’s going to go into shock, what they said relates to anything”, they said, when Fears tried to explain to her what was going on. Before she realized, she was transferred to the trauma department.

Photo: Fox 2 Detroit < / P> On the question of why the U.s. as a dancer, the doctors aren’t telling you that the wounds on her face and actually were fake, she said that the doctors have a difference but did not need to see it. “I thought that they would see that it is fake , it is.”

“a Serious situation”

The hospital itself, has responded, meanwhile, are firmly on the facts: “We have seen a lot of patients have severe medical problems and injuries, and there are lives on the line. Doctors need to be able to focus on those with genuine emergencies.”

the Fears did know, via Facebook, that there are actually serious the situation was. “In a blind panic, and a sense of anxiety and fear is not a joke, and not a bad joke, it was a very serious situation, that is a very strange moment where it happened.”

Photo: Fox 2 In Detroit, (Photo: Fox 2 Detroit < / P>

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