Ostend (oostende) –

A 52-year-old from Rixensart, Walloon-Brabant) in the city court for fifteen months, an effective prison sentence for success in a spoedarts, and a police officer in the Building.

The woman, Ana, B., the celebrated on 1 January of the previous year in Ostend is something to be elated new year’s, and went in a drunken state, to go to the hospital. “That would put the defendant in the emergency room was in an uproar,” said the prosecutor. “She gave a punch to a doctor, who could be out of position”. Also, the parking lot continued to be B. run amok afterwards, the police of her came to him. But still, it was B. not spent its fury and nostradamus at the police station told them with a punch to the supervisory board.

in the summer of 2018, went B. has to re-cool once they are under the influence of alcohol, the accident had caused. She scolded as the police, and the skin, vol.

The court ordered B. B. to be examined by a psychiatrist, but I came to the conclusion that they are accountable to. The court cited Thursday in its decision heavily toward the behavior, B“. currently, There is a trend of more and more aggression towards health care professionals, emergency and security services. Therefore, there is a clear signal that such behaviour is unacceptable.”

The doctor was given a compensation of 750 euros. Three other parties, including the commissioner, were given to each and every one euro of symbolic damages.