Obituary on Peter Thomas – He jazzte with Bardot in the sunset Peter Thomas set to music hundreds of German TV productions, including the classics from the ‘ 60s. Later, Tarantino and Pulp knocked at him. Now the composer has died at the age of 94 years in Lugano.Tobias Kniebe0 KommentareEr wrote the music to “space patrol Orion” by Peter Thomas, here, against the backdrop of the stage version of 2008.Image: imago stock&people/Horst Galuschka

Peter Thomas, composer for Film and television, popular songs, and Musical, band leader and sound hobbyist, experimenter, Visionary, Berlin moustache-makers, and untiring work animal, is dead. He died on Monday night in his Villa in Lugano, at the age of 94 years, how to be DVD sales and a friend of mine, producer, said. A sad news for all, about his immortal title theme of the TV series “space patrol” is still in the ear. And yet, it is significant that one remembers in this Moment, especially the lightness that radiated from him personally, which he celebrated in his music, and he opposed the severe Serious.

The world of Peter Thomas, one could think of this as an endless, any time of the cocktail party, otherworldly. Elegant Location, a lot of mahogany and milk glass lamps in ball shapes, behind the panoramic Windows of time in Kitzbühel, the beach of St. Tropez or the Lago Maggiore, depending on the year. Prior to that, Brigitte Bardot and Gunther Sachs stand, he wears a white turtleneck sweater, she wears her Smile from the year 1967. At the Bar, a lone woman with huge sunglasses sitting, it must be one of those big old divas, right: Zarah Leander. And the man shoots there in the rumpled white suit, the flaming glances around the room, the Klaus Kinski – but no one respected him, you know he plays in the movies always the bad guy. George Clooney and Quentin Tarantino are also there, and bring a Toast to the future. Because the, the feel, all this evening, in this Moment, your best time yet.

Peter Thomas has written the Soundtrack to this Party. His music was from the very beginning, a claim that could not prove, but their theses with such Verve in the world sounded, simply that no contradiction was possible: Berlin can be just as swinging as New York or Rio de Janeiro; nothing is as idiotic as the distinction between art and Commerce; the true Coolness is never a question of place, time, or origin; and good music comes in the sky, to be evil, but anywhere. In this spirit he set to music for hundreds of films and TV productions: Edgar Wallace, Jerry Cotton, Erich von Däniken, Francis Durbridge, Will Tremper – everything went in the cinema and on television, the streets empty, swept. The “space patrol-the topic was inescapable classic.

The Countdown with Vocoder voice with which it begins, is in the year 1966, one of the earliest testimonies to the later world dominant German electrical bastlertums – as the master himself speaks in a huge distortion of the apparatus in the cellar dungeons of the company Siemens. The driving Bass, then goes off, is directly imported from America – or, better said, from the legendary “Tabarin”-Club in Munich, where black GIs and their nights dancing and a brilliant bass player at work, the Peter Thomas immediately in his Studio deported. But the thunder of four Unison trombones go on the way to galaxies, has never seen a human before – a legacy of the family tradition: The Grandfather was Kapellmeister at the 4. Prussian guard regiment to foot, the young Thomas sog brass instruments and marching music with the mother’s milk. The militarist Pathos is, however, broken once again, this is, finally, the Federal Republic of Germany in your teenage years, the trombones give peace of mind and an electric piano ran, the women in those in-Bubiköpfen almost magical effect: they follow a secret dance command.

the taste of judges of big art and the bodies of the film academies, Peter Thomas was never quite satisfied – the Muse, the kissed him seemed to be a fundamental recognition too easily. It also helped that his revenue out of water soon so steadily, that he acquired in fact, villas in Lugano, Kitzbühel, and St. Tropez, with Gunther Sachs and Brigitte Bardot in the sunset, staring, and the small spirits in the home of the people who are lost. Klaus Doldinger, who was allowed to blow for him in the early years sometimes the saxophone, was later known.

It then had to get others to realize what has lingered for a Titan among us: Jarvis Cocker of the Band Pulp, for example, of the asked in the zero years, for a music quote with him and it not take were, how young the interlocutor of the sound at the other end of the line; or an archivist, as, indeed, Quentin Tarantino, at the same time, in his endless vinyl archive on a few tunes, joined the he then his buddy George Clooney for his directorial debut strongly to heart put. So it is that the whole thing is assembled at the beginning of the movie “Confessions Of A Dangerous Mind” with music by Peter Thomas, and precisely in that Form, as forty years before, was taken.

Peter Thomas was the example of a continuous unpeinlichen German artist’s existence and a role model for all, who are determined to be beyond the borders of this small, safe country, all out dreams and not to try the same but beyond the big pond, there is your happiness. The immortality of his best tunes carries a lesson that you can’t take often enough to the heart: That which arises as a truly Visionary and lasting often from verquälter effort, zelebriertem great artistry, and dogged authorship, but just easier Routine, elegant crafts, and spontaneous insanity between two dates – if the last erotic ham is just set and the Deadline for the next Edgar-Wallace-Film sitting in a again in the neck.

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