Many enterprises are running some kind of work in the cloud. This has fueled a growing demand for cloud security, which is expected to fuel a market that will reach 68.6 Billion by 2025 according to MarketsandMarkets Research Private Ltd.

Cybersecurity company Palo Alto Networks Inc. has bet on this sector with a security-from-day-one approach, supported by its Prisma Cloud platform. This comprehensive cloud security suite was designed to control access and protect data, as well as secure applications.

Shifting security left is a major focus area. I’ve got to build security in right from the start of that application development lifecycle, change the way I think about [continuous integration/continuous deployment], deliver those applications securely in the cloud — and do it fast,” said John Grosshans (pictured, left), senior vice president and chief revenue officer for Prisma Cloud at Palo Alto Networks. Customers need to be able to bring their applications to market quickly. They must also think about security so that they don’t have the burden of reworking those apps later and adding security.

Grosshans and Sabina Joe, general manager of technology partnerships at Amazon Web Services Inc. (pictured, right), spoke with John Furrier host of theCUBE’s livestreaming studio of SiliconANGLE Media during re:Invent. They talked about the current trends in the cloud and how cloud native and DevSecOps architectures can enable agility and scale. )

Cloud code security is one of the features.

Cloud migration has many reasons. Here’s a list of some: agility, scale and innovation, better customer experience, as well as the need for better management of the supply chain. This topic was a hot topic during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Grosshans stated that enterprises are now looking at this opportunity and need to rethink their developer operations. This is causing them to think more about DevSecOps, how they will accelerate the cloud application lifecycle to take advantage of microservices, and Grosshans agreed.

Palo Alto Networks offers three ways for businesses to get started in cloud native security. The easiest is posture management. This simply refers to ensuring that assets are safe and inventory them. The compliance and governance services are another option. The third is through the securing of workloads, Kubernetes, and serverless containers.

The PrismaCloud 3.0 latest release of PrismaCloud has enhanced security throughout the application lifecycle. For example, it added features for detecting vulnerabilities in infrastructure-as-code templates and brought an agentless security feature – customers now have the option to deploy the product without installing agents in their cloud environment, which can be more convenient in some cases, depending on how a company’s infrastructure is set up.

Prisma Cloud was designed to work with all the major public clouds. It has more than 800 clients and is hosted on AWS. AWS is dependent on fostering partnerships with Palo Alto Networks, and other vendors to deliver an end-to–end solution for its customers.

“We offer value to Palo Alto, and other partners in many different ways. But one approach we take is the well-architected reviewing. Joseph explained that the process examines software solutions from the pillars security, reliability and performance to cost optimization and operational excellence. We want to ensure that the foundation is built in the most efficient way for our customers. Once you have that foundation, you can build and scale your business.

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