Who said that only the British love drinking tea? It depends on the interest of someone. Besides, if your body allows you to take tea or other beverages, then why not try it. For first-time tea drinkers, the best place to get their first ideal tea is an online tea and coffee shop. If you want to love tea from the get-go, then below are some of the tips to consider when drinking tea.

  1. Avoid drinking tea while on an empty stomach

Taking tea on an empty stomach can cause stomach upsets, which will result in loss of appetite. The worst-case scenario is that it might cause injuries such as gastric injury. In the case of people who are trying to take tea for the first time, drinking a lot of it may cause you to go into a state of “tea drunkenness”.

Tea drunkenness is a state where the body starts to face some symptoms such as different levels of heart palpitations, dizziness and weakness in the limbs. However, to avoid experiencing such symptoms, try to take tea with either cookies, cakes or even a piece of bread.

  1. Refrain from freshly picked teas

The best tea to take is the first flush tea leaves that are available during the springtime. It is the highest grade of tea because of the time frame they are stored. Taking tea stored for less than a month or so contains high levels of caffeine and other alkaloids.

Due to the high levels of these chemicals, stimulation of the brain is guaranteed to make you to feel drunk. However, you can avoid it by browsing through the various kinds of loose leaf tea you can purchase at any online tea and coffee shop. Most of the loose leaf tea has a guarantee of high quality.

  1. Drink light tea

The stronger the tea, the more caffeine you get, which will result in some of the symptoms discussed earlier. You can avoid doing this by ensuring that you brew your tea using tea bags, which can regulate the amount of tea you want in the water. Remember, when you use tea bags, Do not put them in hot water because it will result in over brewing. Light tea ensures that you are sober for a long time, quench the thirst and keep you on toes.

  1. Avoid taking hot tea

Hot tea in most cases irritates the mouth, throat and stomach. You will realize that when you take hot tea, you will feel the upper palate of the mouth start wearing off. This irritation is later painful and will cause you not to eat anything else.

You need to note that drinking hot tea for a long time will cause esophagus cancer. Most of the research done recommends taking a beverage within a temperature of 60 degrees. Within this temperature, it is possible to enjoy your tea and have the right taste. As much as we say no hot beverages, it is true that a cold one is very disgusting to the mouth taste.

  1. Avoid drinking Geye Cha

Geye is a term referring to tea brewed the day before. It is of great danger consuming this tea since it has a lot of bacteria, which have multiplied. For too long, Geye loses every vitamin and the infusion of proteins and carbohydrates. Due to the lack of the mentioned nourishment, this tea is a breeding ground for bacteria, which makes it bad for consumption. The simple the tea the nicer it gets.

  1. Avoid taking spoiled tea

As much as we have seen that the longer the tea is stored, the better it gets with the taste, some of this tea may go bad. With improper storage methods and facilities, the tea becomes moldy. Although some may feel it is a waste to throw away this tea and choose to drink it anyway. It might cause diarrhea and internal side-effects in your internal organs.

  1. Steer clear of drinking excess amounts of tea immediately before or after a meal

Not that excess tea will make the body feel irritated but, it causes food to feel tasteless when eating and also hinder the absorption of proteins in the body. as a result of these effects, the body becomes emaciated (lose of weight ).

The best rule that most people go with is that you should not drink any tea half an hour to eating any meal and after too. Embracing this procedure will make avoid tanic acid building up in the body. it will result in disruptions in food digestion.

  1. Avoid taking tea in combination with drugs

Some of the drugs do not cause any issues to the body when taken with tea. However, it is dangerous to the body when taking tea at the same time with drugs that have calcium, iron aluminum and sedatives. Therefore, when in need of taking tea, ensure you take drugs an hour before the tea.

  1. Drinking seasons of tea

Many people like drinking tea because it gives a certain good taste. For the first time drinkers, it is important to know that there are various types of tea to choose from in particular seasons. For example, scented tea in spring since it helps to relieve fatigue and white tea in the summer to help reduce body heat.

  1. Have fun drinking tea

For many years tea has been the social drink. From the likes of royalty, tea has made it possible to bring people together. Through the above tips on drinking tea, it will help make you like it. Furthermore, make it a frequent habit. Check out some of the varieties of loose leaf tea from tea-and-coffe.com.