Dramatic search: rescuers are apparently removed only a few centimeters from Julen


    for twelve days-long search for the in a deep well shaft in Spain suspected Julen, the Countdown is on for delivery on Friday. An eight-strong Team of miners was removed in the evening, only centimeters from the point at which the two-year-old, as Spanish media reported, citing the use of forces in Andalusia. From there, they wanted to drill a hole and with a camera down the shaft to illuminate, to Julen track.

    The men worked in the village of Totalán in Málaga since Thursday evening in a roughly 80-Meter deep rescue shaft under the most difficult conditions, mostly lying down or kneeling. With Jackhammers and pickaxes they had dug a four-Meter-long horizontal Tunnel. In the afternoon they had managed in laborious work two and a half metres, until the evening the goal was reached and then almost.

    Previously had difficult rock conditions again, the Work, such as the police spokesman Jorge Martín told journalists. “We have found the same problems as in the past few days: extremely hard rock.” In the course of the excavation a number of micro-blasting were carried out. A helicopter was sent to get more explosives.

    no sign of life

    to give what time is it exactly concrete news Julen might be, was unclear. However, it was expected that the Boy could still be in the course of Friday and recovered, if it is at the target point.

    From the child, there was no sign of life. It is hoped, however, that it could still be alive. On Thursday evening, about 200 people in Totalán had participated in a vigil for Julen to pray for him and to show their solidarity with the desperate parents.

    Julen at 13. January on a trip with his family in the 107-metre-deep shaft. This was, apparently, been on the search for water illegally excavated. Because the hole has a diameter of only 25 to 30 centimeters, had decided the Saviour, a parallel shaft, to dig, to Julen.