Alexandra Stréliski’s Neo-Romance album and Philippe Brach’s Les gens qu’on aime album are in the running for the 2023 Polaris Music Prize, presented by CBC Music.

The long list of 40 albums, presented by the Canada Council for the Arts, was unveiled on Tuesday. The short list, which will be reduced to 10 albums, will be unveiled on July 13.

Other Quebec artists on the long list include Gayance, a Montreal DJ, and Bibi Club, a duo formed by the couple Adèle Trottier-Rivard and Nicolas Basque.

The Polaris Music Prize awards $50,000 annually to a Canadian artist for the high quality of their album, regardless of genre or sales.

Last year, the grand jury selected the album José Louis and the Paradox of Love by Pierre Kwenders, a Montreal artist of Congolese origin.

This year, the long list was selected from 221 albums by a jury of 205 members.

The winning album for the 2023 Prize will be announced on September 19.